Maha Vidya Party series: Tripura Sundari

Series of Parties on the Ten Maha Vidyas

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Saturday 13th April
7pm – 10:30pm

The Maha Vidya parties are an invitation to have a glimpse of the feminine principles or energies which make up the entire universe. Each of us have a specific way in which we approach the spiritual path and the Maha Vidya’s allow us to define and deepen the path that inspires our soul the most or in a particular form.

This series of celebrations are a joyful, interactive way to connect to the mothers of eternal wisdom, and to discover ourselves and, as a result, the universe. Next, we will meet the Great Mother of Love, Beauty, Harmony, Goodness and Truth – Tripura Sundari.

Tripura Sundari is the Goddess of Love, Beauty, Harmony and Truth. By inviting Her in our lives we open up to a sacred dimension that is the source of profound fulfilment and joy and discover a life that is truly alive. She teaches us not only to believe in miracles but to rely on them. We invite you to a playful celebration in a transfigured ambience where we open our hearts to be touched by Her light. We will call upon the grace of Tripura Sundari to show us a life filled with happiness and the beauty of togetherness through both playful and contemplative exercises, movement and a shift in perspective.   

***This event is for MEMBERS ONLY***

Each member can bring one guest (registration at the door).