Maha Vidya Party series: Kali

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Saturday 20th January
7pm – 10:30pm

The Maha Vidya parties are an invitation to have a glimpse of the feminine principles or energies which make up the entire universe. Each of us have a specific way in which we approach the spiritual path and the Maha Vidya’s allow us to define and deepen the path that inspires our soul the most or in a particular form. For example, the worship of the Great Mother Kali is a practice dedicated to transformation and transcending the limitations of time, embraced with intensity. 

This series of celebrations are a joyful, interactive way to connect to the mothers of eternal wisdom, and to discover ourselves and as a result the universe. 

The first party, is dedicated to the black mother, Kali

The Great Macrocosmic Power Kali offers the gift of transformation. Kali is the great goddess of time, transformation and death. Embracing Her immense feminine energy will help you break the chains and limitations that hold you down. As your true inner self emerges, you will rest more and more in the radiance of your own inner power and you will no longer be a victim of outer circumstance but become the active creator of your own life. The adorer who melts into the heart of Kali will surpass the fear of death and every moment of life will be lived full of intensity and passion

***This event is for MEMBERS ONLY***

Each member can bring one guest (registration at the door).