Maha Vidya Party series: Bhuvaneshwari

Series of Parties on the Ten Maha Vidyas

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£10 (members only event)
Saturday 8th June
7pm – 10:30pm

The Maha Vidya parties are an invitation to have a glimpse of the feminine principles or energies which make up the entire universe. Each of us have a specific way in which we approach the spiritual path and the Maha Vidya’s allow us to define and deepen the path that inspires our soul the most or in a particular form.

This series of celebrations are a joyful, interactive way to connect to the mothers of eternal wisdom, and to discover ourselves and, as a result, the universe. Next, we will meet the Great Mother of Knowledge, Benevolence, Expansion of the Heart and Infinite Space – Bhuvaneshwari.  

Are you ready to expand – beyond your limits, beyond your expectations, beyond your imagination? As the goddess governing space, Bhuvaneswari gives the power to expand. And while this can include the physical, this expansion often takes place in the meta-physical. Join us in this evening dedicated to the Great Macrocosmic Power, Bhuvaneswari, where we will explore space and our relationship with it through games, dancing, interacting and anything else we come up with. It will be an evening of expansion, an evening of play, an evening of togetherness. The Tantric heart party series is a wonderful opportunity to get to know yourself, your colleagues at Tara, and of course the Great Macrocosmic Powers in a more profound way. Playful yet insightful, miss it if you dare….   

***This event is for MEMBERS ONLY***

Each member can bring one guest (registration at the door).