Karma Yoga & Team building workshop

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Free (members only)
Friday 4th March
18:30 – 21:30

(This event is members only)

More than just a school, Tara is a community. A community of like-minded spiritual beings seeking a path of transformation. And while each one must walk their own path, there is a great benefit and need of support, guidance, friendship and reassurance from good friends and teachers walking the same path.

This school is founded upon its teachings and shared spiritual values. It is sustained by the people within who spread these teachings and share these values. A lot of β€œwork” goes into establishing a spiritual community and this work is aimed to be done in the state of Karma Yoga – selfless giving. Karma Yoga is an attitude, when realised correctly can lead us all the way to spiritual realisation.

Because it is so important and such a useful tool on the spiritual path, we will run a 3-hour workshop for our students to explore and understand the attitude of Karma Yoga, meet people who have been working with this for many years, and to discover how we can get involved personally, should we choose to do so.

  • Learn the attitude of Karma Yoga
  • Learn skills to benefit daily life and work
  • Discover how Tara runs with helpers
  • Experience Karma Yoga first hand

  • Meet some of the Tara team running the school
  • Experience a practical example of Karma yoga in action
  • Discover how you can help
  • See the skills and help most needed

Opportunities to practise karma yoga in Tara

Help is always welcome at Tara and a great chance to practise karma yoga together with some of our full-time karma yogis. The type and quantity of help offered by our students and members of the community vary a lot. Some people volunteer every week on reception, some help out as and when on events while others work on specific tasks like interviewing students or reviewing events. There is no fixed formula and everyone has something to offer that can be of use to the centre and the community. But just to give you a flavour, here are some common areas where help is always welcome:

  • Reception
  • Maintenance of the centre
  • General admin
  • Database management
  • Website management and SEO
  • Content creation
  • Journalism
  • Photo and video production

3 part workshop

The workshop will be split into 3 parts with, of course, a tea break in the middle. There will be theory, practical exercises and in the end, the opportunity to follow up.

Part 1:
The attitude of Karma Yoga
  • The attitude of Karma Yoga
  • The path of Karma Yoga
  • The spiritual importance and benefits of Karma Yoga
Part 2:
People and community
  • Meet some of the current team
  • Get to know the teams and what they do
  • Find out how Tara runs as an organisation
  • Discover the importance of community
  • Learn some keys for team work
  • Practical exemplification of Karma Yoga
Part 3
How to get involved
  • Practical ways students can get involved – if they wish
  • Opportunities of ongoing help or adhoc
  • Areas where help is most welcome
  • Who to contact

Testimonials about Karma Yoga

Karna Yoga has become a path of spiritual transformation in itself for me. I started it because I wanted to offer something but I realised I was the one who benefitted the most.
Jean Bernard
Tantra and Yoga student, Reception manager
When I do Karma Yoga I feel like I am giving 1 step towards god and he is giving 10 steps towards me, with all the blessings and beautiful things that I receive .
Tantra student and receptionist
For a long time, I was doing volunteer work at Tara and it made me very happy. But after studying a little more and understanding things deeper I aimed to shift my perspective from volunteer work to a state of Karma Yoga. When I succeed to have this state, nothing makes me feel more fulfilled.
Tantra student, website manager


Do you have to be able to commit hours to help in order to join the workshop?
No. This workshop is open to any student of Tara. Even if you just want to understand the notions of Karma Yoga in order to apply to your day job, you are still very welcome to join.
I don’t think I have relevant skills to offer. Should I still come?
Of course. Everybody has SOMETHING to offer. This workshop may just help you discover the gift you have.
I am very interested but unfortunately, I am not available on Friday the 4th. Is there any way I can still get involved?
Yes. In this case please contact foca@tarayogacentre.co.uk or speak with Kate.

Some happy Karma Yogis πŸ™‚