Kamarasi: Conscious Dance for Women

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27th November in Oxford/ 28th November in London
4-6pm Oxford, 5-7pm London

This short course is available in both our locations:

Oxford  from 4-6pm in the following dates: 2nd, 16th, 30th October & 13th and 27th November.

London from 5-7pm in the following dates: 3rd, 17th, 31st October & 14th and 28th November.

£20 per session

Kamarasi: Conscious Dance of 12 Feminine Archetypes is a course specially dedicated to women that want to discover and connect with different facets of their soul, becoming more aware of their femininity, through the help of conscious dance. This is the first of the series of modules which will explore various aspects of the feminine universe through movement.

What is your dominant archetype? How about the least developed one? How can we combine and express all 12 feminine hypostasis in our life?

We will find the answers to these questions and to many others throughout this module, because this is more than a usual dance module. It’s a journey in which we connect to our true potential as goddesses, in which we rise above the prejudices and connect to the power of the 12 feminine archetypes. It is a process of personal development which combines movement with practical spiritual experiences.

Therefore, Kamarasi Dance is a unique module which makes your soul vibrate. You will have lots of surprises and you will be fascinated by the treasures that you can bring to surface while you dance in a conscious way, using key-elements that will be presented throughout the module.

These modules are for you if:

– You want to RECONNECT TO YOUR HEART and to express it freely, without prejudices, through movement
– Want to reinvent yourself as a WOMAN, but also as an ARTIST and DANCER.
– You are looking for new and pleasant ways of OVERPASSING YOUR LIMITS
– You want to find an authentic state of SISTERHOOD, in an environment in which you can heal and grow gradually
– You want to amplify your SENSUALITY
– You feel the moment has come to offer yourself a well deserved gift and to invest in your DEVELOPMENT as a woman
– You are a dancer looking to deepen your artistic experiences and to combine them with SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE

2nd Oct Oxford/3rd Oct London
Session 1 – Introduction: The ABUNDANCE of EARTH

Basic elements referring to conscious dance and the 12 feminine archetypes of the soul, emotions captive in our body, reconnect to your roots
THE MOTHER – Overflow of Compassion
THE QUEEN – Feminine Maturity
THE CREATIVE WOMAN – Creative Fecunidity

16th Oct Oxford/17th Oct London

Discover the spring of life that flows through you
FASCINATING WOMAN – Irresistible Attraction
THE LOVER – Everything is Fusion
THE PRINCESS – Charming Innocence

30th Oct Oxford/31st Oct London
Session 3 – The IMPETUS of FIRE

Light your passion and enthusiasm
THE INSPIRING HEROINE – Courage and Freedom
THE CATALYST – Example of Transformation
THE ADVENTURESS – Exploring Feminine Nature

13th Nov Oxford/14th Nov London

Open your wings and fly
THE INITIATING WOMAN – The Call of the Heights
THE FEMALE MAGICIAN – Mysterious Universal Connections
CHILD-WOMAN – Archetypical Purity

27th Nov Oxford/28th Nov London
Session 5 – SYNTHESIS

Recap connected to the subtle elements
Unification of all the archetypes
Expressing the sensuality specific to all 12 archetypes
Q&A Session

Meet the teachers