Journey of Love series – Part 3: Eroticism

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Friday 31st May

Love – one way or another it fuels our life. More than just an emotion, love is the most googled word. Deep down, it always calls us, the life of life. In Tantra, love is described as a path to divinity. But what is love exactly? And why does it seem to be something we only stumble upon by chance, if at all?  

This series of workshops is dedicated to discovering love in a new way, and learning how to bring it into our lives and relationships. Often we have very little education in the aspects of life that bring the most happiness: from polarity and attraction, to eroticism and the couple relationship.

These workshops will aim to cover some of the gaps in education, and give the opportunity to delve into both theory and practice, learning more about how to cultivate love in our life

All workshops are for both singles and couples, and will be a combination of theory and practical exercises. Intimate aspects will be mentioned, but there will be no nudity in the workshops. 

Part 1
1st March
The Joyful Game of Attraction

In the first part of the series we will explore the game of polarity, how the constant game of the feminine and masculine brings forth the energy of life. By learning how to embody the two poles we gain the energy needed for the journey of love. It also teaches us to nurture and create the playful and sensual romance our soul longs for.

With teachers Marilena and Foca.

Part 2
19th April
Tantric Couple Relationships

The second part of the series will be dedicated to the tantric couple relationship; the sanctuary of love, the place in which the lovers meet and together exalt to the heights of heaven, supporting and inspiring one another,  overcoming the known complexities of the dance of love. Learn to consciously embark on the journey of growing into your full potential – together. 

With teachers Ben and Iulia.

Part 3
31st May

The third and last part will explore the realm of Eros and the nuance of love that unfolds in its sensual form, learning how to shift the inner inclination from sex to Eros, enabling the soul to fully express itself. Learn how to infuse your intimate encounters with the delicious and delicate erotic sense, while learning how a deepened Eroticism becomes a way of an ecstatic life. 

With teachers Maria and Foca.


  • Members: £30 per workshop
  • Non-members: £40 per workshop

*Members are those who are currently attending one of our courses, including Try Tara Pass holders.

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The Universal Principle of Polarity blog post

Polarity is an expression of universal duality. To better understand polarity, it is necessary to begin from the perspective of the universe as a unit that perpetually generates two poles that mutually co-exist. The idea or plan of the universe unfolding in creation is made possible by the constant, dynamic generation of the pairs of opposites. 

In Tantra it is said that, “All that exists is a creation of the two complementary principles: masculine and feminine. In Creation, the Supreme becomes Shiva and Shakti, the static and the dynamic aspects of the transcendental Consciousness.”