Intro Session to our Yoga Course in Burton on Trent

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Tuesday 24th October
Burton on Trent
7 – 9pm

We are happy to open our courses to newcomers with free taster yoga class. Join us for our free intro class on 24th of October. Course starts on 31st October 2023

This class will give you an opportunity to meet our yoga teacher, and to spend a relaxing evening practising body postures (asanas), followed by a very effective technique of deep relaxation.

This session will provide a sense of balance and regeneration, that can be felt both physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

3 Friars Walk, TrentSide Studios, DE14 1HS, Burton on Trent 

contact:, 07778 048568

The class structure:

  • Brief introduction to the course and yoga style 
  • warm up exercises
  • practice of gentle but very effective yoga postures
  • relaxation
  • Q&A

Meet your teacher

Angelica Simian

I discovered yoga at a very early age and since then I incorporated the principles of yoga into my daily life. Yoga helped me to become more centered and more balanced, and I have been in a constant process of learning and inner transformation. I recently decided to share my experience with others by becoming a yoga teacher and a shakti group coordinator.