International Women’s Day celebration (for women only)

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Wednesday 8th March 2023
6:30 – 9pm

As part of the celebrations of International Women’s day, at Tara we will host a ritual of communion with the eternal feminine aspect that resides in every woman, Maha Shakti. 

Those who have had even a glimpse of her, know that there are no ends to the wondrous ways she may appear, and we celebrate this variety and diversity, for it is indeed the spice of life. 

In this ritual we will aim to awaken the four main feminine archetypes of the soul, to create a synthesis of them all within our inner universe. The archetypes will be exemplified through various artistic ways such as music, poetry and dance, to be a true reflection of Maha Shakti’s glory. 

We will then direct the energy towards awakening our true feminine potential, to be the very best versions of ourselves in this life and to become a beacon of love and unity between the hearts of all the women in the world. 

This will be a free event open to all women, the dress code is an open heart and anything that makes you feel at your most beautiful. You’re welcome to bring fruits and flowers as offerings for the altar. The ritual will be followed by light nibbles and refreshments. 

Gathering will start from 6:30pm, with the ritual starting at 7pm, entry will not be possible once the ritual has started. 

Registration essential.