Increased awareness starting from an awakened heart!

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Thursday 28th September
6:30 – 8:30pm

What is an awakened heart? How do we live life when our heart is awakened?  

Even if we are at the beginning of our journey, the desire to remove ignorance and remember who we truly are is a big step. Kashmir Shaivism brings us the awareness of where we may be in this moment, and when this is clear, Shaivism offers the tools and ways to return home. And the first step is to awaken the heart, to be full of life. 

Join us in this workshop to practise ways to live from and be in the heart

Join us in this series of Inspiring Autumn events in which you can get a taste of the Tantra, Yoga, Kashmir Shaivism and Astrology courses that we offer here in Tara! 

Events in this Inspiring Autumn series include: 

  • Saying YES to Life – London
  • YOGA: The Path of Union with Life – London and Oxford
  • From Attraction to Enlightenment – London
  • Venus on a Date: Love’s Elemental Dance – London
  • Eros: Why do we need it on the spiritual path? – London and Oxford
  • Increased awareness starting from an awakened heart! – London

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Meet the teachers

Eleni Anats

Eleni has been teaching Kashmir Shaivism, as it profoundly touched her life. She feels that these authentic teachings are worth sharing to inspire others to remember their Godly Essence and live a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life. She is the coordinator of the group of deepening the communion with Angels, Archangels and other angelic beings of Light and is part of the organising team of the annual celebration of Angels and Archangels week. She also has an interest in creativity and beauty as spiritual paths.


Nikos Frangi

Nikos started his spiritual journey by joining the path of Tantra Yoga with Tara in 2000. With an open and warm heart, he loves teaching yoga (since 2004) and Kashmir Shaivism (since 2017) at Tara. He also coordinates the spiritual group for men Mahavira Ananda. In his free time, he enjoys walks in nature and photography.