The Freedom of Forgiveness

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Saturday 28th January

Have a clean slate this weekend! Enjoy the powerful effects of purification by joining both The Freedom of Forgiveness and Sanka Praksalana workshop! Get £5 off when you book both together!

This is an amazing opportunity to purify on many levels. Through the practice of Sanka Praksalana, we not only purify physically but also mentally and emotionally too. It is well known that our gut is our second brain, having a strong influence over our mood and mental activity. 

Take the opportunity to combine this together with the profound purification at the level of the spirit too through forgiveness. By letting go of our grudges and unhappiness, we undo this vice of the ego, bringing us greater lightness and freedom!

‘The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.’ – Mahatma Gandhi

More about The Freedom of Forgiveness

All of us want to feel free. In our essence, each one of us want to be truly happy. Yet how come there are so many unhappy people in this world? And why don’t we see in the media and in the News regularly real-life stories of happy people and not just stories of revenge and resentment? It seems that pain is more popular than peace. Is the world really such an unhappy place? 

In any confronting situation, who is actually the one responsible for our own suffering and ultimately our own ability to free ourselves from this? Confucius said, ‘Before going into revenge, dig two graves; one for you and one for them.’

Forgiveness is rooted in our human nature. It is difficult to grasp as it is beyond the mind. Few truly know how to forgive; others confuse it with weakness. Actually, it takes a courageous person to make the choice to forgive. 

In this workshop, we will dive into the healing world of forgiveness and understand why and how this ultimate panacea for life’s ills and true happiness. As part of the workshop, you will learn techniques, to apply every day for a happy life, free from tension! 


  • Members: £40  
  • Non-members: £50  

Meet the teacher

Magdalena Hau

Magdalena’s Tantric journey began in India in 2001 and since then she has discovered a life full of transformation and personal growth. Intrigued by mysticism, sacred eroticism, and the wisdom of the heart, she aspires to share her love and passion for life in the classes and workshops she teaches. She also holds Tantra groups and workshops for women, where she inspires women to discover their profound, mysterious and powerful feminine nature. 


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