The Five Languages of Love – Part 5

The Tantric Perspective

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Saturday 2nd March
3- 5:30pm

The art of communicating what is in our heart is a complex art of learning how to express the vastness of our emotions, as well as being open to the way we are loved and cherished.  Tantra gives great importance to Love as a fundamental ingredient on the path of spiritual evolution and transformation. This series of workshops will bring a Tantric perspective to the languages of love, and will provide valuable ways and practices to master the art of Love


This is a 5 part series. You are free to book any of the parts or all 5.

  • Members: £20 per workshop  
  • Non-members: £30 per workshop
Part 1
7th October 2023
3 – 5:30pm
Words of Affirmation: Whispers of the Heart

Words, compliments, appreciation — these are ways in which Love is often expressed, shared and felt in relationships. The wise and free expression of the heart is the basis of a genuine relationship and profound intimacy that can lead to authenticity in Love.  

Learning this nuanced art is a fundamental need in all relationships. Learn to share the little voice of your heart freely, eloquently and honestly. 

Part 2
11th November 2023
3 – 5:30pm
Quality Time: Living ecstatically in the present

Time can be seen either as a precious gift that defines life, or a mere inconsequential passing of weeks, month and years. Realising the value of time and learning to celebrate it in any relationship is one of the most important lessons in Tantra.

The way we choose to spend time together defines the predominant resonances of the relationship. By bringing more awareness to time we begin to seep into the full potential of the relationship. We can cherish the gift of togetherness and fully seize the day by becoming PRESENT in the HERE and NOW.  

Part 3
13th January 2024
3 – 5:30pm
Physical Touch: A Gateway to the Soul

Touch is so much more than a handshake or an embrace. Touch is a complex and direct, non-verbal way with which the heart can communicate. When this is done consciously, each caress becomes a gateway to the soul.  

Through the power of conscious touch, we can open to receive and perceive each other at the level of the soul, and keep the relationship alive on both the physical and more subtle levels of our existence.  Touch is a true art that can be learned and integrated to expand our intimate vocabulary and our consciousness

Part 4
9th February 2024
7 – 9:30pm
Acts of Service: The State of Karma Yoga in a Couple Relationship

Love has to be seen, felt, experienced and expressed. Becoming a true servant of the heart is the ultimate joy of a true lover. Acting out of love is one of the most efficient paths toward total fulfilment in life.  

In a relationship,  enthusiastically and selflessly supporting one another is one of the ways in which love shines forth, and can bring us to a place of oneness. Tantrics say that the true happiness of a lover is to make their beloved truly happy.  

“Work is love made visible” – Khalil Gibran 

Part 5
2nd March 2024
3 – 5:30pm
Receiving Gifts: Generosity of the Heart in Action

The most precious gifts are those that are infused with good intentions and careful consideration, and very little to do with their monetary value. As part of the process of learning to give, we learn to put our heart into the gifts we offer. Being a generous lover and friend is an expression of the depth of our being, and always when we give in this way, we ourselves can rejoice in abundance, as the scent of a rose will forever linger on the hand that offers it