End of Year Celebration – for members only

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Saturday 5th August

This event is only for our wonderful members!

The end of year party is one of two members-only parties we host annually, along with the Christmas party. These wonderful parties are a time for us to connect with students from other classes, and to share the joy of being on a spiritual journey together. 

This beautiful evening will include a fun and light-hearted yoga challenge including theory as well as practice, dinner together, dancing and moments of concluding the journey of this year, and opening with anticipation to the next steps on our journey.

Everyone is invited to bring a vegetarian or vegan dish to share.

Programme of the evening:

5-6pm Yoga Challenge – A fun and creative challenge in asanas, subtle perception, yoga knowledge and more

6-8pm Dinner – Bring a vegan or vegetarian dish to share by 6pm

8-11pm Crystallising the year and party!

We look forward to seeing you all there!