Dancing through Astrology

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Saturday 8th June
2 – 5pm

Tara Yoga Centre and Patricia Martello from Vital Development invite you to this unique workshop that will fuse the ancient wisdom of Astrology with the transforming power of movement and dance.

We will embark on an exploration of your birth chart – an intricate map that unveils the cosmic blueprint of the mission of your life and how to manifest it and peeling back the layers of your chart to reveal the presence and significance of key planets. In Astrology, these planets are connected to the central drives in life, representing impulses to love and connect from Venus, think and communicate from Mercury, or to act and assert yourself from Mars. Through engaging and interactive sessions, you will gain deep insights into the planetary energies and

archetypes that shape your psyche, illuminating the diverse facets of your being. 

Then, fueled by music and guided by expressive movement, journeying inward, we will embody the planetary archetypes as they resonate within. Through the journey of the body, uncover all its aspects, from brilliance to shadow, embracing the full spectrum of your being! Each step in the dance is an invitation to incarnate the purpose of your life, to experience the sacred wisdom that flows from heaven to earth, from the soul to the body. We will open new doors of understanding, revealing the profound messages that await within, and unlock profound healing, connection and transformation along the way. 

Meet the teachers

Alina Chereches

Alina began the study and practice of Integral Yoga at the age of fifteen, moved by a deep thirst to understand the nature of everything. Gradually, she found her home in meditation. She immersed herself into many spiritual traditions, fell in love with the Tantric philosophy and practice, Kashmir Shaivism, Advaita Vedanta and Esoteric Astrology. She weaves these together with Transpersonal Psychotherapy into one integral path. As a teacher of Tantra and Astrology, Alina loves sharing her vision that life is our deepest meditation, in a playful and approachable manner.

Patricia Martello

Patricia originally from Argentina, has dedicated her live to the practice and promotion of new holistic forms of body-soul aimed disciplines, movement-therapy and art-expression in various spiritual events, retreats and health organizations. For many years she has been concentrating her professional activity in training courses, workshops and seminars of Vital Development in Japan, Finland, Germany, Denmark, US, Thailand, Russia, Netherlands, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Spain and Argentina.