Cultivating a Relationship with God

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Sunday 23rd April
7 – 8:30pm

Who is our most loving father, all-embracing mother, most intimate friend and perfect lover? The One our heart always seeks, without whom we will always have an underlying feeling of being lost? 

The search for fulfilment and happiness pushes us to make all kinds of choices in life. And because of our intuition that the eternal happiness promised by fairy tales is a real possibility, we often seek to find it in different relationships.  

Offering a different perspective, this talk will describe how the most fulfilling relationship we can ever have is our relationship with the Supreme Absolute, with God. This relationship is unfailingly reliable, and filled with an unparalleled beauty and richness. Once we have established a profound relationship with God and we are able to maintain it, our life develops a deeper meaning and unfolds in a natural way. Such a relationship is also the key to rapid spiritual progress, and to overcoming all limitations and blockages.

The Tantric path advocates a direct relationship with the Absolute Reality that requires no priest or intermediary, and that also includes any human relationship.  

For some, the existence of the Supreme Absolute has been a given since childhood. For others it is an abstract concept that is hard to relate to. This talk is intended for all curious and open-minded spiritual seekers, whether you consider you have a current relationship with God or not. We will see how even the word “God”, that can be an obstacle for some, is not truly necessary, as there are numerous possible names and hypostases of the Absolute Reality, and any one of them can be approached as a path to absolute freedom, happiness and spiritual plenitude

Explore how we can approach and cultivate a genuine relationship with God, including practical methods that can be immediately put into practice. 

    Meet the teachers

    Kate Wallwork

    Kate has had a dedicated practice in Yoga and Tantra since 2010 and is passionate about using Tantric methods for rapid self-development and spiritual transformation. Coming from an academic background, Kate discovered how a Tantric practice brings happiness and fulfilment in the heart of life’s storms and propels us ever forward on the path of Self-discovery. Especially devoted to the path of combining spirituality and eroticism, Kate teaches Tantra and Tantra groups for women.