Conscious Heartful Communication

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Saturday 10th June

Express yourself with love and authenticity, in a way that will assist you in meeting the needs of your soul 

Good communication is the foundation of successful relationships. But even if we achieve peaceful inner states through yoga and meditation for example, our communication can still be unclear, ineffective and at times even hurtful. Without knowing it, many habitual ways of speaking often sabotage the values that yogis aspire to live by.

Is there a way to align our communication with the rest of our spiritual practice? Can we create a bridge between the spiritual principles we aspire towards, and how we relate to one another through our language?   

What we will cover 

  • The spiritual perspective upon language and communication  
  • The principles of Non-Violent Communication from a spiritual perspective  
  • Exploring the structure of conscious communication and its four essential components.

    For each human being, a first step, considered an important lesson of life, implies realising that there is no other key to living together harmoniously on this earth, than to learn to understand one another better and better, to become capable of empathising profoundly, and to be able to talk as sincerely and openly as we can.

    Yoga Teacher Gregorian Bivolaru 

    What you will gain from this workshop  

    • A deeper understanding of the importance and purpose of communication and connecting with others from heart to heart  
    • Skills to communicate in a way that creates understanding and connection 
    • How to transform your communication into a practice that is aligned with spiritual values 
    • How to manage conflict/disagreements as harmoniously as possible 
    • An increased ability to express yourself with love, authenticity and in a way that will assist you in meeting the needs of your soul

    During the workshop we will put the theory and new communication tools into practice through interactive, meaningful and fun exercises.


    • Members: £35
    • Non-members: £40 

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