Community Movie Night- members only

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Saturday 13th November

Join us for a cosy evening of spirituality and cinema. We will start with tea and socialising from 7pm. About 7.30pm we will begin the movie with an introduction from our teacher Foca who will give a spiritual insight into the movie beforehand. Even if you have seen the movie before, you can still see it from a new perspective.

After the movie there will be a chance to discuss, share and ask questions. Rather than being a distraction from our spiritual practise, a good movie watched in the correct perspective can help inspire us, see new things, help us identify with positive archetypes or allow revelations about something that we couldn’t achieve in any other way. And of course it can still be a lot of fun. Tea and popcorn will be provided by Tara – you are welcome to bring cake to share, especially if its home made. The movie will remain a mystery until the night itself.