Cacao Ceremony

A Journey into the Heart 

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£20 Members/£30 Non-members
Friday 17th May 2024
8 – 10pm

Summer Yoga Retreat Pre-event

Ceremonial Cacao is a plant medicine that helps us open the heart, and experience a heightened state of connection to others and to all that surrounds us.  

In this ceremony we will use cacao to support a deep experience of centring and re-connection to our heart’s wisdom, that has formed on our souls mysterious and ongoing journey through existence.  

You will be guided through stages of relaxation, intention setting, breathing, movement, meditation and self-reflection to support an inner transformative experience where we can connect to ourselves and heartfully to others, to feel the deep interconnectivity and guiding wisdom that is always present in our life.

This event is being held in connection with our Summer Yoga Retreat in which we will also hold a wonderful cacao ceremony, as well as many other heart and soul opening workshops, talks and activities. The theme of this years retreat is ‘Miraculous Entanglement: The Journey of the Soul’. Find out more about our annual retreat.

“Imagine a sacred ancient ritual. Imagine a space deeply infused with aspiration and learning and love. Imagine human beings who authentically subscribe to these values coming together to share this experience. And then imagine how, beautifully and gently and skilfully led, their intentions are set and combined, their breath and their moves are synchronised. They are fully present and focused in their hearts. They feel how the power of their individual and separate existence is infinitely and magically amplified as they merge into one. One group. One aspiration. Our world can be a better place. A place filled with love. And then, finally, imagine this group of people coming together in a spontaneous tightly linked circle. Not wanting to move, not wanting to speak, not wanting to leave. Each quietly smiling and full of awe – what has just happened to make your heart feel so much bigger? To feel so much love for people you have only just met? To feel so much hope that life can be like this not just in this moment, but always? We cannot comprehend this with our rational minds. And we know that we don’t need to. Because we were there, and we could feel that it is true. We could feel it in our hearts.”

– Susanne, participant of the Oxford Cacao ceremony


Get a taste of the Journey of the Soul, which we will explore in detail at the Summer Yoga Retreat. Get the price of this workshop off the retreat cost if you book Summer Retreat after joining this event!

Please make sure to book by the morning of Thursday 16th May, so that we know how much cacao to prepare!

  • Members: £20
  • Non-members: £30

    *Members are those who are currently attending one of our courses, including Try Tara Pass holders.
    **Offer valid for one week after (until Friday 24th May).

    Meet the teacher

    Alina Chereches

    Alina began the study and practice of Integral Yoga at the age of fifteen, moved by a deep thirst to understand the nature of everything. Gradually, she found her home in meditation. She immersed herself into many spiritual traditions, fell in love with the Tantric philosophy and practice, Kashmir Shaivism, Advaita Vedanta and Esoteric Astrology. She weaves these together with Transpersonal Psychotherapy into one integral path. As a teacher of Tantra and Astrology, Alina loves sharing her vision that life is our deepest meditation, in a playful and approachable manner.