Cacao Ceremony – Oxford

A Journey into the Heart

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Saturday 2nd March 2024
6:30 – 8:30pm

Ceremonial Cacao is a plant medicine that helps us open the heart, and experience a heightened state of connection to others and to all that surrounds us.  

In this ceremony we will use cacao to support a deep experience of centring and re-connection to our heart’s wisdom, that will help bring unity and coherence to our inner life and our outer reality.  

You will be guided through stages of relaxation, intention setting, breathing, movement, meditation and self-reflection to support an inner transformative experience where we can connect to ourselves and to the sacredness of life.


Hear from previous participants of our cacao ceremonies!

Imagine a sacred ancient ritual.  Imagine a space deeply infused with aspiration and learning and love.  Imagine human beings who authentically subscribe to these values coming together to share this experience.  And then imagine how, beautifully and gently and skilfully led, their intentions are set and combined, their breath and their moves are synchronised.  They are fully present and focused in their hearts…Read more

Meet the teacher

Morgan Arundel

Morgan has been a dedicated and enthusiastic practitioner of tantra yoga for over 20 years. He is passionate about teaching and sharing his knowledge with others, inspiring them on their own journey of spiritual awakening and transformation. With a unique ability to bring clarity to ancient teachings, he combines his deep spiritual knowledge with broad life experience, helping him to convey spiritual ideas to a wide range of people in clear and insightful ways. He teaches yoga and tantra in Oxford and coordinates spiritual groups for men inspiring them to awaken their masculine potential.