Awakening Shakti

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“A woman’s heart should be so lost in God, that a man must seek Him to find her.” 

This series of 3 women’s workshops is a colourful celebration of femininity. Each session is dedicated to explore some specific aspects of our nature and how they can help us to awaken as women. 

Part 1 Beauty & Harmony – 3rd December 2022 at 2 – 6pm 
Part 2 Becoming a spiritual woman  – 4th March 2023 at 2 – 6pm  
Part 3 Shamelessness & self-confidence  – 29th April 2023 at 2 – 6pm

Part 1
3rd December 2022
Beauty & Harmony 

Everyone is enchanted by beauty, and through contemplating beauty we can perceive how it delights and fulfils the soul, bringing us a touch of paradise. But what are the magical ingredients of beauty? They definitely do not include surgery or the latest makeup brand, but the awakening of harmony and other qualities of the soul. 

Discover the qualities within your being that are waiting to be awakened and expressed, thus bringing your femininity into light. We will look deeply into what is beauty, why it matters, how to cultivate it in ourselves and to admire it in other women. Explore the concept of harmony as a feminine quality, and how to promote it within your being. 

Part 2
4th March 2023
Becoming a spiritual woman

When she becomes aware of and awakens her sacred and spiritual power, a woman becomes a force to be reckoned with. 

We will define what makes a woman a spiritual woman, by exploring the qualities of a spiritual woman, the connection to her heart, her inner wisdom and her initiating power.

Part 3
29th April 2023
Shamelessness & self-confidence

A sensual, feminine woman is undefined by any conventional stereotype, free to manifest her highest, most sublime nature. She steps beyond any limits of self-criticism that come from bad education or previous relationships. She is free and confident and powerful.  

We all have abundant qualities and gifts, but because of shame or inhibitions connected to our feminine nature, we don’t allow these qualities to shine. Awaken your shamelessness through specific tools and techniques to become a more authentic woman. 

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