Awakening the Power of Spiritual Detachment

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Sunday 22nd January
7PM – 9PM

Often confused with indifference, detachment is considered to be a special characteristic of a spiritually evolved being. Spiritual detachment allows a full and heartful involvement in any activity of life – love relationships, work and family, while maintaining the wider perspective, and not confusing the actor with the act itself. 

Through simple analogies, exercises and stories, this talk will bring a brighter understanding of the unique and important quality of spiritual detachment. 

Meet the teacher

Foca Yariv

Born in Jerusalem, Foca had a keen thirst for spiritual knowledge from an early age. He began practising yoga and Tantra at the age of 17 in 2001, and has since devoted himself to the spiritual journey. He has been teaching since 2009 around the globe. Since 2011 he has been living in London, teaching yoga and Tantra and offering workshops on a wide range of topics from the Purpose of Life and the Art of Dying, to workshops on masculinity, the Kama Sutra and eroticism. He teaches Tantra in London and Cambridge and guides groups for men.