Astrology workshop: Harmonising our Elemental Nature

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Friday 26th November

A practical astrological approach to the five essential elements of existence

How would your life be if you could finally understand yourself at a deeper level, and embrace your own unique blend of quirks and gifts? If you had the key to transform your weaknesses into strengths? If you could simply observe an agitated or a highly sensitive character in your world, with understanding and compassion?

Of all the models developed to understand personalities, the oldest and simplest is the system of the Five Elements. There are five fundamental building blocks of existence, the Elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. The entire Universe is seen as consisting of these elements, and they are all present in each of us, on all levels of our being.

Our personality type is formed by a unique individual balance of the elements, that gives us our individuality and differences. When we come to understand these elements, the traits they provide and how they shape our mind, behaviour and emotions – a door opens to a deep and profound understanding of ourselves and those around us. The abundance or lack of one of the elements in our astrological chart reveals fundamental aspects of the personality. You will be able to determine in which elements a person is strong, and in which they are lacking.

Join this workshop to explore how understanding, embracing and harmonising one’s elemental nature serves in creating a life true to our gifts and calling. You will start to accept and celebrate the differences, in all your relationships. Starting to understand why someone with a strong Air, but lacking Earth constantly has new and great ideas, but might never stick to them long enough to make them a success. Why your beloved, who has a predominance of Fire but lacks Water, has a great deal of energy and passion, but lacks depth in their emotional understanding. Why your kissing is very sensual, whilst your lover’s kisses might be intense and fiery. Why your language of love is words of affirmation, whilst that of your child might be physical touch.

Armed with the wisdom and understanding of the elements, we can begin to operate from a higher place of compassion, both towards ourselves and those close to us.

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