The Art of Dying

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Saturday 11th May – Sunday 12th May

‘Die before you die and you shall become immortal.’


In all ancient spiritual traditions of our planet the role of Death has played a mysterious and vital role in striving for spiritual accomplishments and inner realisations.
Why are we so fascinated by this apparent end of our existence? What is concealed in this powerful and inevitable event following any process of becoming?
According to the initiates, the moment of dying is a mysterious initiation into the secret of life.

This crucial transition into the next world is in fact a very privileged opportunity to realise the natural source of our existence and the purpose of our life.

Questions around life and death are valid across all cultures, this workshop has been equally successful since 2011 in Stockholm, Malmo, Lisbon, Chiang Mai, Bucharest, Oxford, London and Copenhagen.

What you will learn:

  • Spiritual perspectives of death in different cultures and traditions
  • The existential importance of contemplating death
  • Realising that which is ephemeral and that which is eternal
  • Understanding the parts of the being that reincarnate
  • The value of near-death experience, and what can be learned from them
  • Rites of passage. That life is infused with the death of the old to welcome the new
  • How we can help those who are dying
  • How we can prepare for our own inevitable death
  • Practising the art of dying – which is the art of living, in daily life
  • Kaya Kalpa, a practice of meditation in darkness
  • Meditations related to the topic


  • Members: £120
  • Non-members: £150

*Members are those who are currently attending one of our courses, including Try Tara Pass holders.

Special discount for previous participants:
Due to the nature of this topic being something dynamic and evolving, our answers and insights need to be refreshed and updated as we grow, we warmly invite previous participants of this workshop to join again for the discounted price of £40 for members, £50 for non-members. Email us on to book your place.

Death and Spirituality Podcast

If you would like to get a flavor of the Art of dying workshop, then have a listen to this podcast Foca did with Vivienne Rush. In the (25-minute) interview, Vivienne quizzes Foca on everything from the Tantric perspective on death to the blockages people face relating to death, to how a change of perspective can fuel spiritual transformation.

While this interview is not a preview of the upcoming workshop, it does provide some hints as to what might be revealed.


We have held this workshop many times since the first one in 2012, in several different countries, supporting hundreds of people around the world in discovering the art of Living and Dying. Hear from previous participants about their experience:

“Thank you for a wonderful and life changing workshop. I feel that it really gave me more appreciation for life and is helping in making better and more valuable decisions ”

I attended your course The Art of Dying last year. It was such an informative weekend and in a way really helped when my Mum passed away in June last year
“I very much enjoyed the workshop, very informative and the practical aspect of it was a bonus. Many thanks for the additional references.”
“I did this course in 2022 and it transformed my attitude to death and dying. I had been alongside loved ones in their final days and seen how they readied themselves with acceptance and dignity. I hoped it would be the same for me in time, but I certainly didn’t have an attitude of acceptance. I needed some help and preparation. So off I went on the workshop and what a journey of inquiry and experience it was! Eye opening in fact! I was nervous to do it and…Read more
This mind opening workshop gave me the tools to appreciate and start practicing the art of dying. Which really means becoming better in the art of living. Warmly recommended! 

Meet your teacher

Foca Yariv

Born in Jerusalem, Foca had a keen thirst for spiritual knowledge from an early age. He began practising yoga and Tantra at the age of 17 in 2001, and has since devoted himself to the spiritual journey. He has been teaching since 2009 around the globe. Since 2011 he has been living in London, teaching yoga and Tantra and offering workshops on a wide range of topics from the Purpose of Life and the Art of Dying, to workshops on masculinity, the Kama Sutra and eroticism. He teaches Tantra in London and Cambridge and guides groups for men.