The Art of Blessing

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Sunday 8th May

The Art of Blessing is a simple yet efficient technique that allows us to become channels both of godly energies and grace, leading us to more and more pure and sacred aspects of our being. The technique also connects us to the Supreme Absolute Consciousness

There are many miraculous effects of the Art of Blessing, including healing, the awakening of the soul, an attuning to godly wisdom, as well as profound understandings of our existence and reconciling of relationships.

The technique brings us in resonance with a state of sacredness, and helps us discover the nature of our Supreme Self, Atman, the spark of God within our being. 

Learn how to open to the energy of blessing and to share it with others. Including a theoretical foundation of the Art of Blessing and a practical explanation and practice together, after this session you will be able to apply this method in specific moments and in everyday life.

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Meet the teacher

Nikos Frangi

Nikos started his spiritual journey by joining the path of Tantra Yoga with Tara in 2000. With an open and warm heart, he loves teaching yoga (since 2004) and Kashmir Shaivism (since 2017) at Tara. He also coordinates the spiritual group for men Mahavira Ananda. In his free time, he enjoys walks in nature and photography.