Archetypes of the Soul

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Saturday 21st October – Sunday 22nd October

On the journey of inner awakening, we discover patterns in our souls which reflect universal archetypes. The Archetypes express themselves through our personality and determine how we see the world, react to life situations, interact with others and manifest our life energies.
Through the knowledge and understanding of the Soul Archetypes, we can find a path of self development that leads us to “what we are meant to be”, making the soul the guiding force of our lives. This knowledge will greatly help us transcend limiting patterns of our personality, open our hearts and lead us towards the discovery of our true nature.

During this 2 day workshop, we will explore the nature of the masculine and feminine archetypes through lectures, individual and group exercises. We will learn how to discover our predominant archetype and how to unlock the transformational power of all four archetypes within our being for building a life of passion and purpose.

The workshop will include:

  • An in-depth presentation of the four masculine archetypes (King, Lover, Hero, Magician) and the four feminine archetypes (Mother, Fascinating Woman, Heroine, Initiating Woman)
  • How the archetypes manifest in their immature or distorted forms (shadows) of the personality types
  • How to Identify your predominant archetype
  • The understanding of one´s own inner man/ inner woman to bring harmony within couple relationships
  • An exploration of archetypes as a system for the awakening of the soul
  • Practical exercises to connect with the qualities of each archetype – including video clips, music meditations and group exercises

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The Archetypes workshop was a truly inspiring and thought provoking experience. Both Morgan and Magdalena are very knowledgeable and I came away feeling uplifted with a much deeper understanding of myself. It was a joyful weekend shared with kindred spirits and one of the lovely takeaways was a long list of movies to re-watch over the cold winter evenings. Highly recommend! 

Listen to this podcast to find out more!

Podcast – The Value of Soul Archetypes

While some people may have heard about the masculine and feminine archetypes – Warrior/Heroine, King/Mother, Lover/Fascinating woman, Magician/Initiator – perhaps not so many consciously use understandings of these archetypes to affect their evolution.

Here Vivienne discusses with Morgan why we should consider learning about these archetypes and how by understanding each one, we come to know ourselves more deeply.