Angels & Archangels week 2022

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30th October – 6th November

The 17th Annual International Celebration of Angels & Archangels

Angels are here
Live life in fullness, illuminated by the angelic realms of light

Angels and Archangels of Light are the bridge to God. They connect us to Love, Beauty, Strength, Wisdom. They help, support, protect, advise and guide us. The only thing we need to do is to ASK. 

During Angels and Archangels week we bring the reality of Angels and Archangels of Light alive in our hearts through meditations, artistic expressions, workshops and other activities.

Angels and Archangels Week is a free event, but donations are greatly appreciated to cover costs.
When you donate, please add the reference “Angels” on the donations page:
Check the ‘write us a comment’ box and type “Angels”.
Thank you for your support!

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