Tara’s 10 Year Anniversary ~ members only

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Sunday 20th February

On Sunday 20th February at 7pm we celebrate the 10th year anniversary of our yoga centre. We invite all our members to celebrate this special occasion with us.

It has been a decade of transformation, both of the walls and of all those involved! In February 2012 we opened our London Centre in Ironmonger Row, and what a decade we have had! We have hosted thousands of life-transforming classes, and hundreds of inspiring workshops and lectures – all transforming the way we relate to life and ourselves and helping all of us to make spiritual leaps.

We have had the chance to meet and connect with like-minded people. Our centre is also the home of a vibrant and loving community that supports our individual transformation. The evening will be a celebration of this space, and the teachings it is home to. We will have a trip down memory lane, meditate together, share experiences and joy.

We very much look forward to seeing you in our centre!

With Love,