Dancing through Astrology

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Saturday 8th June
2 – 5pm

Tara Yoga Centre and Patricia Martello from Vital Development invite you to this unique workshop that will fuse the ancient wisdom of Astrology with the transforming power of movement and dance.

We will embark on an exploration of your birth chart – an intricate map that unveils the cosmic blueprint of the mission of your life and how to manifest it and peeling back the layers of your chart to reveal the presence and significance of key planets. In Astrology, these planets are connected to the central drives in life, representing impulses to love and connect from Venus, think and communicate from Mercury, or to act and assert yourself from Mars. Through engaging and interactive sessions, you will gain deep insights into the planetary energies and

archetypes that shape your psyche, illuminating the diverse facets of your being. 

Then, fueled by music and guided by expressive movement, journeying inward, we will embody the planetary archetypes as they resonate within. Through the journey of the body, uncover all its aspects, from brilliance to shadow, embracing the full spectrum of your being! Each step in the dance is an invitation to incarnate the purpose of your life, to experience the sacred wisdom that flows from heaven to earth, from the soul to the body. We will open new doors of understanding, revealing the profound messages that await within, and unlock profound healing, connection and transformation along the way. 

Meet the teachers

Alina Chereches

Alina began the study and practice of Integral Yoga at the age of fifteen, moved by a deep thirst to understand the nature of everything. Gradually, she found her home in meditation. She immersed herself into many spiritual traditions, fell in love with the Tantric philosophy and practice, Kashmir Shaivism, Advaita Vedanta and Esoteric Astrology. She weaves these together with Transpersonal Psychotherapy into one integral path. As a teacher of Tantra and Astrology, Alina loves sharing her vision that life is our deepest meditation, in a playful and approachable manner.

Patricia Martello

Patricia originally from Argentina, has dedicated her live to the practice and promotion of new holistic forms of body-soul aimed disciplines, movement-therapy and art-expression in various spiritual events, retreats and health organizations. For many years she has been concentrating her professional activity in training courses, workshops and seminars of Vital Development in Japan, Finland, Germany, Denmark, US, Thailand, Russia, Netherlands, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Spain and Argentina.

Red Tent – Rebalance your menstruation

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£25 members, £30 non-members
Saturday 22nd June
2 – 5pm

Menstruation (the monthly period) remains one of the mysteries of womanhood, for men as well as women. Within the Tantric tradition, many secrets are shared for practical ways of harmonising the effects of this monthly cycle, for women to even thrive and flourish throughout the cycle. This workshop will take a broad look at what the menstrual cycle is exactly, and will look at yoga postures, purification methods, dietary

suggestions and creative visualisation practices that can help to significantly alleviate the challenging effects of the menstrual cycle. The workshop will conclude with a short ritual in which some of the notions described will be put into practice. 

Open to members and non-members.


  • Members: £25
  • Non-members: £30

*Members are those who are currently attending one of our courses, including Try Tara Pass holders.

Meet the teacher

Mojdeh Moasser

From a young age Mojdeh has been interested in finding the golden thread between a worldly life and spirituality, and the balance between the two has become more and more of a reality through a disciplined practice of Yoga and Tantra. Mojdeh has been a Tantra teacher for women for six years, while organising workshops, personal transformation programs, retreats and festivals both in Denmark and UK.

Contact: mojdeh@tarayogacentre.co.uk

The Spiritual Endowments of Women: An evening of storytelling & art

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£25 members, £30 non-members
Friday 10th May
7 – 10pm

Story-telling has long been the prerogative of women; an expression of their creative and educative gifts. Women applied imaginative freedom to embroider and expand fairy tales and folktales that significantly influenced society and the course of events. 

The great figure, Scheherazade of One Thousand and One Nights ruled supreme over the art of storytelling. Completely changing her destiny

through captivating stories that not only enchanted the King, but also inspired and elevated his soul. 

In this magical evening, we will portray an intimate glimpse into the mysteries of Scheherazade and the art of storytelling

Open to members and non-members, and for both men and women.

What to expect: 

The evening will be composed of:

  • Theatrical displays
  • Captivating storytelling
  • Guided techniques for finding the best expression for your own stories


    • Members: £25
    • Non-members: £30

    *Members are those who are currently attending one of our courses, including Try Tara Pass holders.

    Meet the teachers

    The Virtues of an Awakened Woman ~ Oxford

    Series of Women’s Circles

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    £15 per workshop, £60 for all 5 parts
    Friday 7th June

    Every woman is born to be a goddess! In this sublime journey of inspiring feminine qualities, we will explore some of the most important virtues of a happy and awakened woman as described in the tantric tradition. Each woman can offer her unique and precious talents that are related to the virtues, to the world, and so awaken her full potential on the path of becoming a spiritual woman.  By connecting our hearts in these Tantric Women’s Circles, including dance and exercises to connect to our deepest essence, real and beautiful transformations can be triggered. 

    Join this series of workshops to connect to your heart and the hearts of others, and elevate your happiness to new levels!  Each can be attended as a stand alone workshop, or book all five to get one free!

     Location: Tara Yoga Centre, 2nd Floor Crown House, 193 Cowley Road, Oxford, OX4 1UT

    Who is it for?

    For every curious woman – no matter where you are in life, Tantra can help you to become happier and more fulfilled!

    If you would like to know more about living a virtuous life, and you want to discover the fascinating power of your femininity, join this series of workshops or just pick the virtues that speaks most to your heart.

    What to expect?

    • Theory and exercises inspired by ancient Tantric texts to connect with your spiritual feminine nature 
    •  Discovering and empowering individual qualities, to use them more in everyday life 
    •  Supportive, safe environment and guidance for inner healing  
    •  Meditation techniques, bodily exercises and dance to reach states of freedom, spontaneity and joy 

    “In your love is your honour, love always much more than you are loved back, be always the first ones in Love!”

    Part 1
    5th April
    Unconditional Love

    Love is the very essence of femininity in all spiritual traditions. Allowing ourselves to have a constant unlimited access to this energy gives us the power to live a truly joyful and ecstatic life. This begins with acceptance and loving ourselves. In this first session of these women’s circles, connect with like-hearted women and your inner essence to further awaken your feminine heart. 

    Part 2
    3rd May
    Radiant Inner Beauty

    Each of us is beautiful in our unique way. Inner beauty is a result of beneficial behaviours and attitudes that transform our existence into a celebration of life. And when our inner world begins to blossom, we begin to radiate an irresistibly powerful, charming and beautiful aura.

    Part 3
    7th June
    Sublime & Erotic Sensuality

    Eroticism is one of the most spiritual ways for a woman to experience her full sacred potential, and charged by refined eroticism, female sensuality is naturally sublime. In the Tantric tradition, women guide true spiritual seekers towards the most sacred depths of the universe. Connect to your inner freedom and Eros in this beautiful workshop.

    Part 4
    12th July
    Unshakeable Self-confidence

    Living in permanent self-confidence is a foundation for both a material and spiritual life, and keeping the flame of self-confidence constantly burning gives great inner power. Join this workshop to increase courage, a sense of humour and self-appreciation, and achieve success in all you do!

    Part 5
    2nd August
    Profound Mystery

    In the Tantric tradition, the woman is revered as a mysterious universe… Her powerful spontaneity and freedom always surprises and inspires. Discover the unique mystery and goddess within your inner universe in the last of these 5 special workshops for women!

    Join these women’s circles!

    • £15 per workshop
    • £60 for all 5 workshops

    Meet the teacher

    Edrisa Mayova

    Edrisa began her spiritual journey in 2016, following an intuition that there is much more to life, and by curiously applying the Tantric and yogic teachings she quickly and profoundly transformed her life. After a year of intense daily practice, Edrisa began to feel a strong desire to help others discover their own spiritual revelations. She has organised spiritual theatre groups, and women’s circles that focused on awakening femininity and the art of initiatic dance. Edrisa is fascinated by the potential each one of us holds within, and she is keen to help others find the spiritual meaning in their life. She enjoys both stepping into the intensity of life and savouring it in all its nuances, as well as retreating into silence in nature, where she can contemplate the essence of creation in its utmost simplicity.

    Contact: edrisa@tarayogacentre.co.uk

    Find out more about this topic!

    Podcast – Journeys of Awakening Shakti

    A vital part of a woman becoming her true, authentic self is to embrace the gift of Shakti, and connect with the creative life force inside her being, that is waiting to be activated. For many women there is a moment when the desire to fully awaken becomes powerful and insistent. The question then is, what to do next? Tantra provides many answers, many techniques to support and maintain this awakening, including the opportunity to be in a community of women who are learning to open their hearts and indeed their whole beings, to Shakti; learning to see what is beautiful in others. This perspective is a welcome relief from the pressure to compete, that many girls and women, which forces them to push down or ignore their natural, powerful selves. In this podcast, Tantra teachers Magdalena Hau and Mojdeh Moasser share with student Vivienne Rush the magnificence of awakening Shakti in their own lives.

    Tantra Festival 2024

    Erotic Era – The Revolution Continues

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    £150 full price
    Friday 24th May – Sunday 26th May 2024
    See Below

    This May, we will be celebrating a decade of Tantra Festivals! Our Festivals have transformed a whole generation of curious participants and teachers alike, bringing a new dimension of sublime eroticism and elevated intimacy to the lives of many. The magic the festivals bring continue to unfold new perspectives on life, charging all who participate with the light of joy, unity, and hope.  

    ‘The Erotic Era’ Festival represents a gateway towards a life ignited with sublime aspirations and happiness, bringing forward the dawn of a new era within, encouraging us to manifest the fullness of the beauty of our souls, and to experience existential delight!

    The revolution continues to create waves towards a new and evolutionary way of savouring reality, bringing together new forms of spiritual insights that naturally transform us to act from a place of love, authenticity and courage, while immersing us in the light of eros.

    Join us on 24th-26th May 2024, to taste the sweetness of erotic awakening through workshops, talks, special yoga practices and meaningful connections with a wide network of hearts.

    Tara is hosting this event in collaboration with Tantra Festivals UK. Find out more about them here.

    Download the booklet


    What you can expect: 

    This celebration will unfold with a playfulness that embodies ten years of amazing experiences together:

    • Euphoric dance, keys for obtaining erotic ecstasy, the knowledge and use of aphrodisiacs for savouring life sensually and fully.
    • It will reveal secrets to make your intimate life a constant revelation of your authentic self, as well as an experience of perfect oneness.
    • It will give those who are curious a glimpse into the world of tantric massage, the art of sublime sensual touch, power polarity yoga and polar games.
    • It will be an opportunity for magical encounters and interactions and spiritual practice in unison, benefitting us in so many ways from the power we manifest when we are together in the heart.
    • See the full programme below!


    We have a fabulous team of speakers for you including Maria Porsfelt, Foca Yariv, Morgan Arundel, Magdalena Hau, Ben & Iulia Carver, Mojdeh Moasser, Alina Chereches, Bogdan Radanasu, Patricia Martello, Marcelo Di Matteo, Aurora Georgijevic, Daniela Rojas, Kieran Martin, Kirsty Pearse, Cristian Hallivuori, Polina Stoycheva, PhD, Olga Korzhak & Olya Frolova.

    and more …


    • Early bird ticket (ended 22nd March!): £125
    • Saturday ticket: £100
    • Sunday ticket: £75
    • Weekend ticket: £150


    We have held this festival in collaboration with Tantra Festivals since 2014, transforming a whole generation of curious participants and teachers alike, bringing a new dimension of sublime eroticism and elevated intimacy to the lives of many. Hear from previous participants about their experience:

    “It’s a rare event which which fills the heart with love and affection in this big city of London. This is what London was missing”

    “It was another beautiful 3 days. A rollercoaster of learning, interactions, skilfully facilitated, inviting us to meet our edges of comfort with kindness and care. It helped me to come to know the love affair that is life, and start to be swept up in its call.”
    Jason Christopher
    I had really forgotten my essential nature, which was causing me so much pain, and that nature is to laugh loudly, give love unconditionally, feel the fear, and do it anyway and reminded me of the unique beauty of each connection/ person I met. It’s re-awakened my enthusiasm for Life!
    Maryam Abdollahzadeh
    “It will take me a while to process everything I’ve experienced today. I have felt so safe, so held, so vulnerable, so euphoric. This was my first ever experience in this ‘world’ – it won’t be my last. It met my expectations and exceeded them too. Everyone was super helpful and lovely. Absolutely outstanding teachers throughout.”
    Felt very awakened to my sensuality and eros. Helped me to strengthen my connection to my heart and breath, expanding my awareness and loving  completely in life.
    Trish Sengupta
    “My personal awakening was here, this weekend. I am amazed with the abundance of beauty around me, and in me. I will forever be grateful for this opportunity to evolve, grow out of superficiality, into the light… A whole new way of sensual growth”
    Mafalda Yerdin 

    Read many more testimonials here!
    “A wonderful opportunity to experience joy, fun, laughter. Reconnected!!” – Rob Nelson 
    “An exciting weekend experience, full of kind warm souls. Fun, safe workshops, amazing food on offer. Learned a lot about myself and Tantra.” – Tania Reddock 
    “It has opened up the knowledge: Love is supreme – in it’s pure form” – Raj 
    “A tremendous weekend of change in a loving, powerful and respectfully safe environment. It will enable me to connect to more energies and bless others in the process.” – Anne Thompson 
    “It was a very transformative event. I leaned so many things. I am looking forward to the next events. It helped me to be more connected with myself and to have a regular practice” – Evrim Baysndir 
    “It’s a rare event which fills the heart with love and affection in this big city of London. This is what London was missing.” – Jairo 
    “So much to say, and so much hard work was put into this weekend. I got a lot from the experience. Always reminds me that everyone is God’s people. Love is the answer. It’s essential for me to celebrate God with people” – Tom Man 
    “The Tantra Festival was sensational. It really allowed me to explore my edges and push my limits through safely.” – Natalie Davis 
    “I have opened up to such new mind, body, soul blowing experiences this weekend, in ways I’d never imagined.” – Rachel Roberts 
    “I had such an amazing time. It was very different to the last festival, I have grown and matured, and at this festival I understood more.” – Cosmic Maris 

    “I’m not going to write much, because the message I want to convey is that: I’m Speechless” – Khaled Ekermanis 
    “It opened my eyes to a new deeper world of connections” – James Saeb 
    “Incredibly powerful festival. My heart feels overflowing with love and gratitude. I ended up crying multiple times with the care I felt.” – Melanie Knight 
    “A wonderful, heart-opening experience, filled with transformational teachings and lovely people.” – Paul Field 
    “I enjoyed the practical workshops and how they helped people connect authentically so fast. I enjoyed the playfulness, fun and joy in the activities. It was respectful and heartful.” – Anonymous 
    “I feel so welcomed, full of love and grace. It is so inspiring to step out of society’s “normal” kind of thing, and to be in the abundance of loving hearts, meeting new people. I feel floated in a hot bath tub full of love and rose petals.” – Lot 
    “A great eye opening event. Condensed over a weekend, but very beneficial. Learned to live, leaned to love. Live to Love.” -Hasan 
    “Challenging at times but felt really well supported and grown as a result.” – Neil Bedlad 
    I am so happy, my experience was amazing because I didn’t expect how the festival can change your life. I am so grateful to all of you Leidy Johanna Marin Agudeleo 
    Throughout the whole festival I have learnt something new, even in subjects I felt I had some knowledge on. All the sessions were held beautifully, with a lot of care and love gone into them. Phil Hanson 
    Very helpful to build connections with other partcipants, helped to increase my confidence in interacting with the opposite sex. Ming 
    It was an enlightening experience with a diverse and exciting sessions and workshops. I enjoyed the play, the sense of safety and respect, and the passion of the teachers and organising team. – Anonymous
    The Tantra Festival was Amazing! the speakers and instructors were customarily marvellous, and the exercises engaging and (R)evolutionary! – Anonymous
    Felt very awakened to my sensuality and eros. Helped me to strengthen my connection to my heart and breath, expanding my awareness and loving  completely in life. – Trish Sengupta 
    It was a lovely way to experience and get to know what people mean by Eros and Tantra. – Gaia 
    A transformative experience! So full of love, vibrancy and elevated energy. Can’t wait for another one! – Sagar Revankar 
    A magical moment when i felt free to open the heart and that showed every effectively how sacred intimate and erotic moments can be, I go home with the mind silent and the heart full of love. – Nicola  
    I’m grateful for a beautiful and heartful festival with an abundance of fun, love and are from the team and participants. It helped me to reconnect with myself and align with my heart and truth. – Sanjay Soni 
    Helpful in opening the heart to joy and connection. To trust my nature and intuitive experiences of eros and to cultivate it more in the future. – Anonymous
    I had such a beautiful experience at the Tantra Festival. I felt so ennriching, nurturing, empowering, expending and unifying. I had so many wonderful, touching and beautiful moments with myself and others. So lovely with  many heartfelt and insightful teachings, experiences and sharings, with such a loving and friendly community of people and facilitators. felt so honoured and blessed to have been part of this wonderful event. – Jonathan Freeman 

    Journey of Love series – Part 3: Eroticism

    Book Now
    See below
    Friday 31st May

    Love – one way or another it fuels our life. More than just an emotion, love is the most googled word. Deep down, it always calls us, the life of life. In Tantra, love is described as a path to divinity. But what is love exactly? And why does it seem to be something we only stumble upon by chance, if at all?  

    This series of workshops is dedicated to discovering love in a new way, and learning how to bring it into our lives and relationships. Often we have very little education in the aspects of life that bring the most happiness: from polarity and attraction, to eroticism and the couple relationship.

    These workshops will aim to cover some of the gaps in education, and give the opportunity to delve into both theory and practice, learning more about how to cultivate love in our life

    All workshops are for both singles and couples, and will be a combination of theory and practical exercises. Intimate aspects will be mentioned, but there will be no nudity in the workshops. 

    Part 1
    1st March
    The Joyful Game of Attraction

    In the first part of the series we will explore the game of polarity, how the constant game of the feminine and masculine brings forth the energy of life. By learning how to embody the two poles we gain the energy needed for the journey of love. It also teaches us to nurture and create the playful and sensual romance our soul longs for.

    With teachers Marilena and Foca.

    Part 2
    19th April
    Tantric Couple Relationships

    The second part of the series will be dedicated to the tantric couple relationship; the sanctuary of love, the place in which the lovers meet and together exalt to the heights of heaven, supporting and inspiring one another,  overcoming the known complexities of the dance of love. Learn to consciously embark on the journey of growing into your full potential – together. 

    With teachers Ben and Iulia.

    Part 3
    31st May

    The third and last part will explore the realm of Eros and the nuance of love that unfolds in its sensual form, learning how to shift the inner inclination from sex to Eros, enabling the soul to fully express itself. Learn how to infuse your intimate encounters with the delicious and delicate erotic sense, while learning how a deepened Eroticism becomes a way of an ecstatic life. 

    With teachers Maria and Foca.


    • Members: £30 per workshop
    • Non-members: £40 per workshop

    *Members are those who are currently attending one of our courses, including Try Tara Pass holders.

    Meet the teachers

    Find out more about this topic!

    The Universal Principle of Polarity blog post

    Polarity is an expression of universal duality. To better understand polarity, it is necessary to begin from the perspective of the universe as a unit that perpetually generates two poles that mutually co-exist. The idea or plan of the universe unfolding in creation is made possible by the constant, dynamic generation of the pairs of opposites. 

    In Tantra it is said that, “All that exists is a creation of the two complementary principles: masculine and feminine. In Creation, the Supreme becomes Shiva and Shakti, the static and the dynamic aspects of the transcendental Consciousness.”

    Summer Yoga Retreat 2024

    Journey of the Soul – Miraculous Entanglement

    1st July – 7th July 2024
    Peak District

    Life is a mysterious schooling system of evolution and growth, with each experience bringing us closer to the essential secret of life – its opportunities to learn. It is only when we step back that we can see the bigger picture, realise the interconnectivity and guiding wisdom that is always present even when life seems the most surprising, challenging or even chaotic. 

    Understanding the governing principles of creation and playing the game of life consciously comes with key attitudes that allow us to unlock the understanding of the lesson in each moment, and to bring forth the beauty of our soul, so that we can make our unique contribution to this world.  

    Join this retreat to connect to your inner compass and your living soul, that will guide your steps on the path of your life, and turn both victories and failures into valuable and enriching lessons. 

    Explore the nature of your soul through in-depth yogic and Tantric methods such as meditation and asana-s. Come for insightful workshops and talks, interactive exercises and beautiful social evenings.  

    This retreat aims to nourish your soul and offer the tools you need for the adventure of life to become truly sublime. 

    The frame of this retreat will be the journey of the soul through different stages
    – from childhood to old age:

    Creativity and the inner child 

    The sublime adventure of life and the game of polarity 

    The meaning of life and assimilating fundamental life lessons 

    Values and principles as a way of aligning ones life 

    Death conclusions and transcendence  

    Why join the Summer Yoga Retreat?

    The Summer Yoga Retreat is a wonderful opportunity for us to all to be together, learn and evolve together in a warm, friendly, nature filled ambiance. 

    Outside the big cities, in the nourishing green just south of the Peak District, we can leave behind the stressors of daily life and offer ourselves a whole week of spiritual nourishment and soul awakening. 

    We have been holding our annual Summer Yoga Retreat in the UK since 2005, and each year it offers many revelations to those who participate. Our teachers all have 10-20 years of experience as practitioners and teachers in Yoga and Tantra, and so will guide you with expertise throughout the retreat.

    We will practise yoga together, meditate, eat, laugh, dance and participate in valuable workshops, seminars and experiences to quench our spiritual existence. 

    Hear from our previous participants about their personal growth and spiritual insights while on the Summer Yoga Retreat below!

    Testimonials from past Summer Yoga Retreats

    The retreat made me get in touch, experience and feel part of the wonderful divine world we live in and sharing this time with so many beautiful souls made it even more special.
    Tantra student
    Organisers have done magnificent job, everything was thought through. They made magical week for us. Teachings were very insightful and profound. Together with evening programs were one of the best part, something that made impact on me beyond the retreat!
    Tantra student, London
    Loved it. Every moment. It broke down my walls and allowed me to grow in to the space created. It has changed my outlook on life and I am truly grateful for being part of this!
    Tantra practitioner
    It was a wonderful retreat. I was deeply touched by its beauty – the care, generosity, openness, optimism, love, joy, wisdom …. shared by the teachers, team and participants. The week was truly Heaven on Earth. Thank you very much!
    Tantra practitioner
    Beautiful retreat place and not too far from London. Best food ever, I could stay there forever! I’m blissfully happy! It was amazing. Thanks so much for everything.
    Tantra student
    What a heart-opening, mind-balancing, loving and awakening retreat it was. Beautiful people in beautiful place with same intentions to become free, open and loving beings. Thank you everyone for extraordinary experiences!

    Read many more testimonials here!
    “What a heart-opening, mind-balancing, loving and awakening retreat it was!” – Emily

    “I felt so nourished to be together with such a loving community and experiencing and going deeper into the yogic teachings” – Rhiannon

    “I felt at home from the very first minute I arrived at the retreat. The atmosphere was heartfelt throughout, and the ritual at the end was an absolute beautiful cherry on top as it crystallised and exemplified clear insight for me.  
    An absolute delight! An amazing grace!” – lse Minnebach 

    “Each day was beautifully constructed to allow opportunities for development and integration. I liked the freedom given to participants “to be,” but also the structure created to explore different topics beautifully. 
    Thank you for being the school to teach me how to love again. I have had the chance to open doors that I did not even know were closed, and for that, I am eternally grateful.”
    – Natalie Dalis 
    “The retreat provided me the space to be creative and connect with my inner child. It helped me go deeper into what happiness is for me and explore the desires of my soul. A safe place to laugh, cry, and dance freely.” – Melanie Knight 
    “I enjoyed experiencing all the love, care, food, beauty, flowers, the community created, music, teachings, and the creative art workshops, which were very transformative. The most special was the Angel Walk.”  – Richa Muktlia  
    “The retreat had a genuinely authentic, friendly, loving, warm atmosphere, which created a very powerful, revealing, transformative experience, and it is hard to express it into words without diminishing its value.” – Fabiana  
    “I experienced a sense of community and the creation of a heart-filled space in which to explore our spiritual journey. I appreciated the beauty and creativity of exercises in which I had a breakthrough that all I need is ‘to be’. It was perfect in every way. I will come back!” – Helen 
    “I liked the variety of workshops with different themes each day. I enjoyed the hugs, the sharing, the dancing, the yoga, the meditation, the pool, the hot tub, and being in connection with people. The ritual was mind-blowing, as was the painting and poem writing.” –  Joe 
    “I particularly appreciated and really enjoyed the meditations, as they really made me contemplate, and the music to support the activities was transcendental.” – Trisha 
    “The place is wonderful, and the karma yogis worked very hard to make it special. I love the spontaneity. I particularly appreciated the Angel walk and dancing.” – Cosmin Maris 

    Get a taste from our previous retreat

    The retreat programme includes:


    Homemade healthy vegan food

    Time in nature



    Playful activities




    Yoga in pairs

    Joyful time together

    Meaningful exercises

    Meet your teachers

    All of our teachers have been Yoga and Tantra practitioners for over 10-20 years, and have been teaching in a wide variety of courses, events and retreats, which is reflected in their depth of knowledge and understanding.

    Each teacher is wholly dedicated both to their own practice and to their role in helping their students to understand and apply the teachings of Yoga and Tantra.

    Get your ticket for our Summer Retreat

    Super early bird (until 3rd February)£600 (sold out)£450 (sold out)
    Early bird (until 30th April)£700 (sold out) £550 (sold out) 
    Group discount (until 9th June)£40 off each for group of 3
    £65 off each for group of 5
    £40 off each for group of 3
    £65 off each for group of 5
    Full price£800 £650
    Deposit£100 (non-refundable) £100 (non-refundable) 
    Book group discounts by emailing events@tarayogacentre.co.uk

    Options for payments in instalments available at early bird or full price. 

    All instalment payments are non-refundable and need to be completed by 1st May, however, the payments are transferable to another retreat. 

    The deposit is non-refundable. 

    If you have any questions regarding booking, email us at events@tarayogacentre.co.uk.

    About the Venue

    Hamps Hall and Barn, Peak District National Park

    The event will take place in the picturesque countryside of Peak District National Park, at the beautiful Hamps Hall and Barn. With stunning landscapes, beautiful garden, hot tubs and gorgeous reception halls, Hamps creates perfect conditions for our magical retreat.

    The address is Hamps Hall and Barn, Rocester Lane, Waterhouses, ST10 3JG.

    You can come by car, or public transportation to the local train station from where you will be picked up (detailed transportation information will be provided when you register).

    Click here to see the venue in detail!

    Accommodation Options


    Within Hamps Hall and Barn are many beautiful bedrooms. We aim to keep our retreat as cost friendly as possible, so accommodation is based on sharing with 2-4 people in each room. You can request room mates if you wish and we will do our best to accommodate.

    Some rooms come with an en suite, and there are also plenty of shared bathrooms.


    The large grounds are the perfect place for camping in the summertime! Spots are available closer to the mansion, or more tucked away in other parts of the grounds.

    Bring your own tent and camping equipment. Indoor shower and toilet facilities will be provided.

    Come early to choose your spot!


    Our healthy delicious food will be totally vegan/vegetarian and refined sugar free, as well as being gluten free as much as possible. It is homemade with love by a wonderful team of karma yogis.

    Teas and light snacks will also be available throughout the day.

    – Please note we cannot cater for special diets but we will try to accommodate your needs as much as possible.

    Tantric Tango

    Book Now
    £130 members, £160 non-members
    Saturday 17th February – Sunday 18th February

    Welcome to an intensive spiritual workshop where art, tango and authentic Tantra meet in a magical embrace. You will be guided by professional Tango dancers and highly-experienced Tantra practitioners, Hridaya and Noelia.

    Tango, the world-renowned dance of polarity has naturally been endowed with innumerable consciousness-awakening principles of the ancient tradition of Tantra. 

    Through Tango you can discover an inner path to the heart, to pure Eros, passion, and different nuances of love in which you offer the best of yourself to the other, and care with tender affection for the other’s joy, happiness and profound fulfilment.

    The aim of the Tantric Tango movement is to use the romantic and elevated energies of Tango as a tool to reach unique states of ecstasy and deepen into the world of Tantra

    What you will discover in this transformational weekend: 
    • Men: how to amplify a harmonious masculinity that fascinates women. And how by loving a wonderful woman, he opens and right away to love the Eternal Feminine. 
    • Women: connect with your archetypal femininity and honour the sacred power of attraction. And how by offering love to a wonderful man, she gives birth right away to a free consciousness.
    • How, regardless of your level of knowledge, dance becomes meditation, revelation, communion. Diving to the point of inner stillness, where you meet yourself and connect authentically with the other.
    • How the movement and bliss in which Tango immerses you, shows what it means to be fully in the present
    • Easier steps, more complicated steps, spectacular artistic movements.
    • How Tango develops empathy, awakens and vibrates the uplifting chords of the soul. 
    • A lucid state of flow in which dancing becomes a love making to music, and to all that exists 
    • Exercises of Tango: Sensory-perception, techniques, amazing Tango choreographies, etc. 
    • Tantric principles of polarity, pure eros, passion, godly attributes, attraction, and more… 
    • How Tango can bring an instantaneous, beneficial state of romantic trance in unison in the couple.


    • Members: £130
    • Non-members: £160  

    N.B. This event will be held between 10am – 8:30pm both days with a lunch break 2 – 3:30pm.

    This event is suitable for both singles and couples.

    Tantric Tango is a door that opens to the soul… Do you want to step inside and dance with the universe?

    Meet the teachers


    Tantra Tango instructor, actor, dance performer in the artistic group ArtExtasia. Hridaya was born in Argentina, the motherland of Tango.  

    He graduated from the University of Tango in Buenos Aires in 2002. Along with his irresistible Latin charisma has danced and taught Tango magic worldwide for more than a decade. 

    Inspired by the manifestation of the soul of his nation, the Tango, Hridaya initiated steps into the world of Tantra. Since 2011 he dedicated his life to the deep study of Tantra, and lives his life according to the principles and values of this transforming spiritual path. Since becoming part of ArtExtasia in 2013, he investigated the mystical amorous fusion that shines passionately between Tango and Tantra. 


    Maria Noelia Falco, an Argentinian model, actress and practitioner of the Tantric path, began as the leading actress in the movies Continuamente Amando and The Faces of the Great Goddess. Because of her intense aspiration for self-knowledge and great interest in mysticism, spirituality and art, Maria immersed herself in the practice of Yoga, Tantra and Esoteric Tantric Art. She discovered how Tango perfectly expresses some of the universal principles described in Tantra, and how their magical fusion empowers the game of polarity in couple relationships. 

    On stage, she dances in the performances of the artistic group ArtExtasia. She is also a part of a team of teachers that holds workshops on esoteric Tantric art and sacred women´s circles. 

    She integrates her spiritual experiences and complete dedication to art and Tantra in her work. 

    Tantric Massage Open House

    Awaken your heart through touch

    Book Now
    Saturday 18th November
    2 – 5pm

    “Your hand touching mine. This is how galaxies collide.” 

    – Sanober Khan

    This event is for those who are curious about our Tantric Massage course but don’t yet have a partner. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet and connect to someone to practise more deeply together in the course itself.  

    Join us in this delightful event to get a taste of the magic and beauty of Tantric Massage, and to meet and connect with others in a heartful way.  

    There will be aphrodisiac punch and delicious fruits to entice and nourish your senses, and touch exercises to awaken your heart and bring you into the realm of the soul

    Take this opportunity to meet the teachers and others who are curious to discover Tantric Massage! 

    N.B. Bookings will be limited to ensure a gender balance. Physical (non-sexual) touch will be part of the event. Nudity may be involved but is not obligatory. 

    There is but one temple in the Universe and that is the human body. We touch Heaven when we lay our hands upon it.

    Price: £30

    Get £30 off the price of the Tantric Massage course if you book after attending this event! 

    Meet the teachers

    Tantra Festival 2023

    Erotic (R)Evolution

    Book Now
    Friday 24th November- Sunday 26th November 2023
    See Below

    Erotic (R)Evolution

    The Erotic (R)evolution Tantra festival is dedicated to offering participants a new perspective, an invitation to whole new worlds of sublime eroticism, love, and depths of intimacy.  

    Eroticism is radically different from sexuality. Eroticism is an impetus of the soul towards the highest reaches of paradisiacal realms! When it is integrated fully, Eros brings sacredness to the profane, triggering a transformation withinan evolution of consciousness

    Over the weekend of 24-26th November 2023, through workshops, talks, special yoga practice, performances, dance and meaningful connections, we will all step into the world of Eros, and together discover the vastness of the beauty within our soul.  

    So join the Erotic (R)evolution, as only the revolution of Love will bring no harm, and the only way to transform the world for the better is a shift in consciousness, through our inner evolution.

    Tara is hosting this event in collaboration with Tantra Festivals UK. Find out more about them here.

    See full booklet here