Nutrition, Spiritual Practice and the Pranic Bridge

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Sunday 21st April
7 – 8pm

Does it matter what and how we eat? Will this affect our spiritual practice and the results we gain from it? The answer is yes.

All action or motion is supported by prana. While we take some prana from the air, most of it comes from the food we eat. And the quality of the food we eat determines the amount and quality of the prana we have available for spiritual and other practices.

The food industry and modern lifestyles work against our assimilation of prana. Join this talk to discover how to build a strong bridge between your nutrition and your spiritual practice.


Meet the teacher

Kieran Martin

Kieran has been studying Tantra at Tara since 2010. Initially drawn to Tantra by an interest in eroticism, it was the game of polarity that turned his curiosity into a passion. For Kieran the interaction of the masculine and feminine is the juice of life. And playing that game, we discover and enjoy much transformation and inner growth along the way. His approach is practical and down to earth. 


Tantra Festival 2024

Erotic Era – The Revolution Continues

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£150 full price
Friday 24th May – Sunday 26th May 2024
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This May, we will be celebrating a decade of Tantra Festivals! Our Festivals have transformed a whole generation of curious participants and teachers alike, bringing a new dimension of sublime eroticism and elevated intimacy to the lives of many. The magic the festivals bring continue to unfold new perspectives on life, charging all who participate with the light of joy, unity, and hope.  

‘The Erotic Era’ Festival represents a gateway towards a life ignited with sublime aspirations and happiness, bringing forward the dawn of a new era within, encouraging us to manifest the fullness of the beauty of our souls, and to experience existential delight!

The revolution continues to create waves towards a new and evolutionary way of savouring reality, bringing together new forms of spiritual insights that naturally transform us to act from a place of love, authenticity and courage, while immersing us in the light of eros.

Join us on 24th-26th May 2024, to taste the sweetness of erotic awakening through workshops, talks, special yoga practices and meaningful connections with a wide network of hearts.

Tara is hosting this event in collaboration with Tantra Festivals UK. Find out more about them here.

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What you can expect: 

This celebration will unfold with a playfulness that embodies ten years of amazing experiences together:

  • Euphoric dance, keys for obtaining erotic ecstasy, the knowledge and use of aphrodisiacs for savouring life sensually and fully.
  • It will reveal secrets to make your intimate life a constant revelation of your authentic self, as well as an experience of perfect oneness.
  • It will give those who are curious a glimpse into the world of tantric massage, the art of sublime sensual touch, power polarity yoga and polar games.
  • It will be an opportunity for magical encounters and interactions and spiritual practice in unison, benefitting us in so many ways from the power we manifest when we are together in the heart.
  • See the full programme below!


We have a fabulous team of speakers for you including Maria Porsfelt, Foca Yariv, Morgan Arundel, Magdalena Hau, Ben & Iulia Carver, Mojdeh Moasser, Alina Chereches, Bogdan Radanasu, Patricia Martello, Marcelo Di Matteo, Aurora Georgijevic, Daniela Rojas, Kieran Martin, Kirsty Pearse, Cristian Hallivuori, Polina Stoycheva, PhD, Olga Korzhak & Olya Frolova.

and more …


  • Early bird ticket (ended 22nd March!): £125
  • Saturday ticket: £100
  • Sunday ticket: £75
  • Weekend ticket: £150


We have held this festival in collaboration with Tantra Festivals since 2014, transforming a whole generation of curious participants and teachers alike, bringing a new dimension of sublime eroticism and elevated intimacy to the lives of many. Hear from previous participants about their experience:

“It’s a rare event which which fills the heart with love and affection in this big city of London. This is what London was missing”

“It was another beautiful 3 days. A rollercoaster of learning, interactions, skilfully facilitated, inviting us to meet our edges of comfort with kindness and care. It helped me to come to know the love affair that is life, and start to be swept up in its call.”
Jason Christopher
I had really forgotten my essential nature, which was causing me so much pain, and that nature is to laugh loudly, give love unconditionally, feel the fear, and do it anyway and reminded me of the unique beauty of each connection/ person I met. It’s re-awakened my enthusiasm for Life!
Maryam Abdollahzadeh
“It will take me a while to process everything I’ve experienced today. I have felt so safe, so held, so vulnerable, so euphoric. This was my first ever experience in this ‘world’ – it won’t be my last. It met my expectations and exceeded them too. Everyone was super helpful and lovely. Absolutely outstanding teachers throughout.”
Felt very awakened to my sensuality and eros. Helped me to strengthen my connection to my heart and breath, expanding my awareness and loving  completely in life.
Trish Sengupta
“My personal awakening was here, this weekend. I am amazed with the abundance of beauty around me, and in me. I will forever be grateful for this opportunity to evolve, grow out of superficiality, into the light… A whole new way of sensual growth”
Mafalda Yerdin 

Read many more testimonials here!
“A wonderful opportunity to experience joy, fun, laughter. Reconnected!!” – Rob Nelson 
“An exciting weekend experience, full of kind warm souls. Fun, safe workshops, amazing food on offer. Learned a lot about myself and Tantra.” – Tania Reddock 
“It has opened up the knowledge: Love is supreme – in it’s pure form” – Raj 
“A tremendous weekend of change in a loving, powerful and respectfully safe environment. It will enable me to connect to more energies and bless others in the process.” – Anne Thompson 
“It was a very transformative event. I leaned so many things. I am looking forward to the next events. It helped me to be more connected with myself and to have a regular practice” – Evrim Baysndir 
“It’s a rare event which fills the heart with love and affection in this big city of London. This is what London was missing.” – Jairo 
“So much to say, and so much hard work was put into this weekend. I got a lot from the experience. Always reminds me that everyone is God’s people. Love is the answer. It’s essential for me to celebrate God with people” – Tom Man 
“The Tantra Festival was sensational. It really allowed me to explore my edges and push my limits through safely.” – Natalie Davis 
“I have opened up to such new mind, body, soul blowing experiences this weekend, in ways I’d never imagined.” – Rachel Roberts 
“I had such an amazing time. It was very different to the last festival, I have grown and matured, and at this festival I understood more.” – Cosmic Maris 

“I’m not going to write much, because the message I want to convey is that: I’m Speechless” – Khaled Ekermanis 
“It opened my eyes to a new deeper world of connections” – James Saeb 
“Incredibly powerful festival. My heart feels overflowing with love and gratitude. I ended up crying multiple times with the care I felt.” – Melanie Knight 
“A wonderful, heart-opening experience, filled with transformational teachings and lovely people.” – Paul Field 
“I enjoyed the practical workshops and how they helped people connect authentically so fast. I enjoyed the playfulness, fun and joy in the activities. It was respectful and heartful.” – Anonymous 
“I feel so welcomed, full of love and grace. It is so inspiring to step out of society’s “normal” kind of thing, and to be in the abundance of loving hearts, meeting new people. I feel floated in a hot bath tub full of love and rose petals.” – Lot 
“A great eye opening event. Condensed over a weekend, but very beneficial. Learned to live, leaned to love. Live to Love.” -Hasan 
“Challenging at times but felt really well supported and grown as a result.” – Neil Bedlad 
I am so happy, my experience was amazing because I didn’t expect how the festival can change your life. I am so grateful to all of you Leidy Johanna Marin Agudeleo 
Throughout the whole festival I have learnt something new, even in subjects I felt I had some knowledge on. All the sessions were held beautifully, with a lot of care and love gone into them. Phil Hanson 
Very helpful to build connections with other partcipants, helped to increase my confidence in interacting with the opposite sex. Ming 
It was an enlightening experience with a diverse and exciting sessions and workshops. I enjoyed the play, the sense of safety and respect, and the passion of the teachers and organising team. – Anonymous
The Tantra Festival was Amazing! the speakers and instructors were customarily marvellous, and the exercises engaging and (R)evolutionary! – Anonymous
Felt very awakened to my sensuality and eros. Helped me to strengthen my connection to my heart and breath, expanding my awareness and loving  completely in life. – Trish Sengupta 
It was a lovely way to experience and get to know what people mean by Eros and Tantra. – Gaia 
A transformative experience! So full of love, vibrancy and elevated energy. Can’t wait for another one! – Sagar Revankar 
A magical moment when i felt free to open the heart and that showed every effectively how sacred intimate and erotic moments can be, I go home with the mind silent and the heart full of love. – Nicola  
I’m grateful for a beautiful and heartful festival with an abundance of fun, love and are from the team and participants. It helped me to reconnect with myself and align with my heart and truth. – Sanjay Soni 
Helpful in opening the heart to joy and connection. To trust my nature and intuitive experiences of eros and to cultivate it more in the future. – Anonymous
I had such a beautiful experience at the Tantra Festival. I felt so ennriching, nurturing, empowering, expending and unifying. I had so many wonderful, touching and beautiful moments with myself and others. So lovely with  many heartfelt and insightful teachings, experiences and sharings, with such a loving and friendly community of people and facilitators. felt so honoured and blessed to have been part of this wonderful event. – Jonathan Freeman 

Love, Orgasms and Relationships

Bridging Biology and Tantra

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Thursday 14th March

Discover the nature of love, orgasms, and relationships in a lively discussion with author Dr Liat Yakir, a highly respected keynote speaker on topics of the biology of human emotions, and experienced Tantra teachers Maria Porsfelt and Foca Yariv.  

Dr Yakir has just published her book, A Brief History of Love, well received in her native Israel. Maria Porsfelt has been teaching Esoteric Tantra Yoga for over 15 years and practising since 2001. She has been guiding men and women in workshops on eroticism, orgasms and relationships. Foca Yariv has been practising Yoga & Tantra since a young age, and has also been teaching for over 15 years. He has been guiding men on the spiritual path, supporting them in the practice of amorous erotic continence and tantric lovemaking.

The talk will take us on a journey of understanding love from the perspective of the chemistry of the brain and how this relates to spirit, how orgasms are a necessity for both the body and soul, and how relationships are a celebration of the game between the complementary nature of the masculine and the feminine

Discover the hormones that drive us and how by understanding our biology we can wisely navigate life and go beyond this drive, know ourselves better and achieve an elevation of the consciousness.  

This discussion will be hosted by journalist Vivienne Rush.  

Copies of Dr Yakir’s book, A Brief History of Love, will be available for purchase and signing. 

Meet the speakers

Liat Yakir, Ph.D

Liat Yakir is a biologist, public educator and the author of the book ‘Brief History of Love’. Yakir holds a Ph.D. and M.Sc. in Molecular Genetics and Biological regulation (Hormones’ research) from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel. She also completed postdoctoral program in Genetics at the Weizmann Institute. She finished her bachelor degree in Life Sciences in Tel Aviv University. After completing her graduate studies served she joined the the Davidson Institute of Science Education – the educational arm of the Weizmann Institute to practice science education and science communication for the benefit of the general public. Today Dr. Yakir is a highly respected key note speaker on topics of the biology of human emotions – the evolutionary roots of human behavior. Liat is mostly passionate about elucidating the science of love – studying the biology of attraction, pair bonding, family and relationships in general, especially in the modern era. She also participated as a biology expert in the popular program ‘Marriage at First Sight’ on the Israeli national TV. Liat strongly believe in the power of communicating science for the benefit of humanity.

Maria Porsfelt

Maria started her journey of self-discovery through Yoga and Tantra in 2001 – a journey that started in Denmark and took her to both Thailand and India. She has been with Tara in London as coordinating teacher since 2009, teaching Yoga, Tantra and meditation, and facilitating women’s groups, and running workshops and retreats on various topics. Through her own practice Maria has discovered how, in accordance with universal principles and laws, each life experience has its own purpose and significance on the path to the realisation of the Self. The fundamental aspects of this journey include erotic fulfilment, and fully enjoying the beauty and sensual pleasures of this world while centring more and more in our true nature. Maria’s style of teaching is practical and approachable, expresses a deep understanding gained through personal experience and is animated by a great joy of life.


Foca Yariv

Foca, born in Jerusalem, Israel, had a keen thirst for spiritual knowledge from early age. He started practising yoga and Tantra at the age of 17 (in 2001), and since then he has devoted himself to the spiritual journey. He has been teaching since 2009 in various places around the globe. Since 2011 he has been living in the UK, teaching yoga and tantra and offering various workshops on a wide range of topics from the purpose of life and the art of dying to workshops on masculinity, kama sutra and eroticism, he teaches in London and Cambridge and is guiding men’s groups. 


Religiously Erotic

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Sunday 11th February

Being religious isn’t dependent on a religion, it is a fundamental state of mind in which one sees the fullness of divinity in all and everything, it is a deep longing for the state of oneness for being whole again.

Tantra says that the erotic act is an invitation for that sense of oneness, for it is within the union of the bodies that one can exalt the spirit to merge with the one. This art of lovemaking in the tantric way is revelation which rejoices the spirit and brings us closer to the one. 

Meet the teacher

Foca Yariv

Foca, born in Jerusalem, Israel, had a keen thirst for spiritual knowledge from early age. He started practising yoga and Tantra at the age of 17 (in 2001), and since then he has devoted himself to the spiritual journey. He has been teaching since 2009 in various places around the globe. Since 2011 he has been living in the UK, teaching yoga and tantra and offering various workshops on a wide range of topics from the purpose of life and the art of dying to workshops on masculinity, kama sutra and eroticism, he teaches in London and Cambridge and is guiding men’s groups. 


Yogic methods for harmony in all aspects of life ~ Plymouth

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Monday 29th January

From January 29, 2024, at 6.30 pm, also in Plymouth, a series of conferences and discussions (with Q&A) will begin. We aim to treat topics of ancient traditional ways to improve our lives, our health but also of our knowledge about the world we live in, connections between various interesting fields that are not currently addressed through our education.

Abbey Hall (Lower hall), PL12AD, Plymouth
contact:, 07459 486606

Meet your teacher

Sorin Negrea

Sorin is an enthusiastic yoga practitioner of over 30 years with teaching experience. He assiduously seeks to combine the teachings and practice of yoga with everyday life for a better transformation of his own existence and those around him, he believes that the accumulated spiritual knowledge has no value if it is not reflected in real life, both his and and sharing it with others who are open. He also capitalizes on ways to evolve through art, dance, and seeks ways to express his Self in real life.


Intro into the World of Tantra

Unique experiences, traditional wisdom, practical methods 

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Saturday 10th February

This introductory tantra workshop is an invitation to discover some of the surprising insights and wisdom, which this in-depth spiritual science offers in order to live an extraordinary life and grow spiritually. We will delve into some of the essential notions about what Tantra actually is. The second part of the workshop will have some interactive and contemplative exercises. Take a glimpse into the world of Tantra and how this ancient methodology is applicable in modern life. 

Location: Ross Street Community Centre, Ross St, Cambridge, CB1 3UZ

Meet the teachers

Embracing God through the Godly Attributes

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Sunday 19th November

The great spiritual traditions of our planet have asserted that we are created in the image and likeness of God. Yet what is this image really? How is God reflected in us? And what exactly does resemblance mean?   

In this evening we will explore the spiritual revelation of the Godly Attributes – the endless characteristics or traits of the Godly Being, such as Love, Goodness, Omnipotence, Eternity, Justice, Compassion, Infinity, without which we could not even conceive or relate to God.    

Join us to discover how through the Godly Attributes it is made possible for us to know and feel in a direct, ineffable and intuitive way the intimate nature of that mysterious aspect of the Godly reality deepening our closeness with God in our everyday life

Meet the teacher

Austin Allen

Austin was fascinated by Eastern mysticism and the metaphysical from an early age. He practiced Martial Arts throughout his teens and later studied Psychology and the Healing Arts, before discovering the Yoga course (offered by our school) whilst traveling in India. As he practiced more, he soon realized that he had found his spiritual path and the desire was born to share the experience with others. Austin has been practicing Yoga & Tantra with Tara since 2000 and has been teaching since 2006. 


Tara Café – Relating to angels in our daily life

Conversations and cake

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Friday 6th October
7 – 8:30pm

The Café series continues this Friday 6th October with the topic of Angels

Are you curious about angels yet you never asked? Have you had experiences of angels yet you have never had the chance to share? 

One Friday evening each month the beautiful Parvati room in our London centre will be turned into a cosy café.

Tea and cake will be available of course, but the main purpose will be to engage in meaningful conversation, dialogue and sharing with like-minded people on a specific topic. 

These café evenings will be more informal conversations, rather than lectures or presentations. A Tara teacher with relevant experience on the topic will be there to guide the conversation, and members can contribute with their experiences, questions or revelations.    

We hope to see you there! 

Meet the teacher

Eleni Anats

Eleni has been teaching Kashmir Shaivism, as it profoundly touched her life. She feels that these authentic teachings are worth sharing to inspire others to remember their Godly Essence and live a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life. She is the coordinator of the group of deepening the communion with Angels, Archangels and other angelic beings of Light and is part of the organising team of the annual celebration of Angels and Archangels week. She also has an interest in creativity and beauty as spiritual paths.


Tantra Festival 2023

Erotic (R)Evolution

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Friday 24th November- Sunday 26th November 2023
See Below

Erotic (R)Evolution

The Erotic (R)evolution Tantra festival is dedicated to offering participants a new perspective, an invitation to whole new worlds of sublime eroticism, love, and depths of intimacy.  

Eroticism is radically different from sexuality. Eroticism is an impetus of the soul towards the highest reaches of paradisiacal realms! When it is integrated fully, Eros brings sacredness to the profane, triggering a transformation withinan evolution of consciousness

Over the weekend of 24-26th November 2023, through workshops, talks, special yoga practice, performances, dance and meaningful connections, we will all step into the world of Eros, and together discover the vastness of the beauty within our soul.  

So join the Erotic (R)evolution, as only the revolution of Love will bring no harm, and the only way to transform the world for the better is a shift in consciousness, through our inner evolution.

Tara is hosting this event in collaboration with Tantra Festivals UK. Find out more about them here.

See full booklet here


YOGA, The Path of Union with Life ~ Oxford

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Monday 25th September
6:30 – 8:30pm

How do you stop a drop of water from ever drying up? Throw it in the ocean.  

Yoga conceives the entire Universe as being a huge ocean of light. Everything is in vibration, everything is energy, and everything interacts through resonance.  

Explore your mysterious energetic structure in this workshop, and how it represents one of the most practical tools you can use to help transform both your own being and your life.

Awaken the enormous potential that lies within you and accelerate your spiritual transformation. 

Your life is a work of art. To make it a masterpiece, dive deeper into the mysteries of your inner being to discover the hidden treasures waiting inside. To know oneself is to know the entire Universe, and to unite your heartbeat with the heartbeat of the Universe is to fulfil the purpose of life itself. 

Location: Oxford Tara Yoga Centre, 2nd Floor Crown House, 193 Cowley Road, Oxford, OX4 1UT

Join us in this series of Inspiring Autumn events in which you can get a taste of the Tantra, Yoga, Kashmir Shaivism and Astrology courses that we offer here in Tara! 

Events in this Inspiring Autumn series include: 

  • Saying YES to Life – London
  • YOGA: The Path of Union with Life – London and Oxford
  • From Attraction to Enlightenment – London
  • Venus on a Date: Love’s Elemental Dance – London
  • Eros: Why do we need it on the spiritual path? – London and Oxford
  • Increased awareness starting from an awakened heart! – London

Make sure that you take advantage of our SPECIAL OFFER where you get one of these workshops for FREE when you buy the Try Tara Pass!


The Try Tara Pass gives you access to all our courses for four consecutive weeks for only £40! Find out more and buy it here. 

Speak to us on reception, call us on 020 7251 8626 or email to claim your free Inspiring Autumn event after buying your Try Tara Pass. 

Meet the teacher

Iulia Carver

Iulia discovered yoga relatively early in life which comes across in the strong sense of spiritual purpose, positive attitude and joyfulness she radiates. Since that beginning in 1993 she has travelled extensively while maintaining a rigorous practice of Yoga and Meditation, enjoying and demonstrating the benefits of such a practice for women everywhere. She is overjoyed to now call Oxford home and is doing her bit to warm the hearts of academics from all over the world, teaching yoga there.