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Revolutionise Your Life

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Saturday 21st September 2024
10:30am – 8pm

Revolutionise Your Life.

Life can be a unique experience. But often people feel that they have ‘been there’ and ‘seen that’ and there is nothing more to explore in the world. We can learn to escape this mundane ‘flattening’ sensation through the inspiration of the ancient wisdom from both eastern and western philosophies. These can be brought to life by crafted methods that can be incorporated into daily life, triggering a genuine process of transformation.

Join us at Tara for a free Open Day to learn more about the classes and teachings. This Open Day gives you the chance to get a feel for what we teach, as well as to meet our teachers, team and students. You can also take advantage of our great special offers, only available on the day! Come along for the whole day, or just pop in for a tea and check out our beautiful Yoga Centre. Find out how the paths of Yoga and Tantra can teach us to be happy, loving and fulfilled, to enjoy life to the maximum from a state of balance and peace

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Here are some photos from our previous Open days

Karma Yoga Week

A Week of Community & Togetherness

Monday 5th – Friday 9th August
8:30am – 8:30pm

(This event is members only)

During this week, we will dedicate five days to Karma Yoga, the yoga of selfless action. We will gain a deeper understanding of what Karma yoga is all about, work together on different tasks, practise yoga, share meals, and enjoy time spent together.

The week will be a wonderful chance to deepen the practice of karma yoga! You are welcome to come for the whole time, or just for a short visit!

Opportunities to practise Karma Yoga in Tara

The type and quantity of help offered by students in the community varies a lot. Some people volunteer every week on reception, some help out as and when on events or specific tasks.

There is no fixed formula and everyone has something to offer that can be of use to the centre and the community. But just to give you a flavour, here are some common areas where help is always welcome, including during Karma Yoga week:

  • Proofreading
  • Maintenance of the centre
  • General admin
  • Graphic design
  • Cooking for everyone helping
  • Library updates
  • Flyering / postering around
  • Website management and SEO
  • Writing articles or posts
  • Processing / listening to recordings
  • Photo and video production
  • Caring for the plants
  • Any skills that you have!

Some happy Karma Yogis 🙂

A typical day:
8.30am – 10am Yoga practice in unison in the park (weather permitting) or centre
10am – 10.30am Karma yoga talk and spiritual integration of the day
10.30am – 11am Brunch
11am – 3pm Karma Yoga
3pm – 4pm Lunch (provided)
4pm – 7.30pm Karma Yoga
7.30pm – 8.30pm Dinner (provided if we are enough people in the evening)

Join in at Karma Yoga week!

To come and experience first-hand the practice of Karma Yoga, please express your interest to You will then gain access to the telegram group in which we will co-ordinate the week’s activities.
This week is for students of Tara.

Angels & Archangels week 2024

Sunday 27th October to Sunday 3rd November

The 19th annual international celebration of Angels & Archangels Week

Be with Angels
Awaken to your Inner Light

We invite you to this Celebration of Light to deepen the connection with the Angelic Realms and awaken your heart to the Heart of Everything

Angels and Archangels of Light are the bridge to God. Our aspiration, purity, openness and wonder hold out a hand to these Angelic guides.

All we need to do is to ask

During Angels and Archangels Week we are touched by the reality of Angels and Archangels of Light through meditations, artistic expressions, presentations, techniques and other activities.

The programme of activities, meditations, talks, techniques will be announced nearer the time.

The event will mainly take place at Tara Yoga Centre, London, EC1V 3QW

Photos from previous years
Find out more about angels!

Angels are Here podcast

Angels are here and yet…we forget to connect with them in our everyday lives. Ever modest and respectful of our free will  they will never intervene unless they are called. As human beings we feel close to Angels, resonating with their light and their loving presence, feeling peace and reassurance. But we forget to ask for their support. An angel can remind us how to be our magnificent selves. An angel can protect us from sadness, and guide us when we go astray, shining a light on our paths home. An angel can personify the qualities we wish to manifest in our lives.

Angels, The Bridge to God (blog article)

“Every visible thing in this world is put in the charge of an angel” ~ St Augustine

Angels are beings of light, and they are described in many different religions and spiritual traditions as well as by ordinary people. They are described as being the guardians of man, messengers of God, facilitators of the Will of God, and supporters and protectors of the manifestation, of the entire world with their enormous power. Angels are beings of Truth, Purity, Love, Harmony, Perfection and Wisdom. They are beings of a higher vibration that inspire, protect and guide. They are the connection, or the bridge between Heaven and Earth.

Nutrition, Spiritual Practice and the Pranic Bridge

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Sunday 21st April
7 – 8pm

Does it matter what and how we eat? Will this affect our spiritual practice and the results we gain from it? The answer is yes.

All action or motion is supported by prana. While we take some prana from the air, most of it comes from the food we eat. And the quality of the food we eat determines the amount and quality of the prana we have available for spiritual and other practices.

The food industry and modern lifestyles work against our assimilation of prana. Join this talk to discover how to build a strong bridge between your nutrition and your spiritual practice.


Meet the teacher

Kieran Martin

Kieran has been studying Tantra at Tara since 2010. Initially drawn to Tantra by an interest in eroticism, it was the game of polarity that turned his curiosity into a passion. For Kieran the interaction of the masculine and feminine is the juice of life. And playing that game, we discover and enjoy much transformation and inner growth along the way. His approach is practical and down to earth. 


Religiously Erotic

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Sunday 11th February

Being religious isn’t dependent on a religion, it is a fundamental state of mind in which one sees the fullness of divinity in all and everything, it is a deep longing for the state of oneness for being whole again.

Tantra says that the erotic act is an invitation for that sense of oneness, for it is within the union of the bodies that one can exalt the spirit to merge with the one. This art of lovemaking in the tantric way is revelation which rejoices the spirit and brings us closer to the one. 

Meet the teacher

Foca Yariv

Born in Jerusalem, Foca had a keen thirst for spiritual knowledge from an early age. He began practising yoga and Tantra at the age of 17 in 2001, and has since devoted himself to the spiritual journey. He has been teaching since 2009 around the globe. Since 2011 he has been living in London, teaching yoga and Tantra and offering workshops on a wide range of topics from the Purpose of Life and the Art of Dying, to workshops on masculinity, the Kama Sutra and eroticism. He teaches Tantra in London and Cambridge and guides groups for men.


Yogic methods for harmony in all aspects of life ~ Plymouth

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Monday 29th January

From January 29, 2024, at 6.30 pm, also in Plymouth, a series of conferences and discussions (with Q&A) will begin. We aim to treat topics of ancient traditional ways to improve our lives, our health but also of our knowledge about the world we live in, connections between various interesting fields that are not currently addressed through our education.

Abbey Hall (Lower hall), PL12AD, Plymouth
contact:, 07459 486606

Meet your teacher

Sorin Negrea

Sorin is an enthusiastic yoga practitioner of over 30 years with teaching experience. He assiduously seeks to combine the teachings and practice of yoga with everyday life for a better transformation of his own existence and those around him, he believes that the accumulated spiritual knowledge has no value if it is not reflected in real life, both his and and sharing it with others who are open. He also capitalizes on ways to evolve through art, dance, and seeks ways to express his Self in real life.


Intro into the World of Tantra

Unique experiences, traditional wisdom, practical methods 

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Saturday 10th February

This introductory tantra workshop is an invitation to discover some of the surprising insights and wisdom, which this in-depth spiritual science offers in order to live an extraordinary life and grow spiritually. We will delve into some of the essential notions about what Tantra actually is. The second part of the workshop will have some interactive and contemplative exercises. Take a glimpse into the world of Tantra and how this ancient methodology is applicable in modern life. 

Location: Ross Street Community Centre, Ross St, Cambridge, CB1 3UZ

Meet the teachers

Embracing God through the Godly Attributes

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Sunday 19th November

The great spiritual traditions of our planet have asserted that we are created in the image and likeness of God. Yet what is this image really? How is God reflected in us? And what exactly does resemblance mean?   

In this evening we will explore the spiritual revelation of the Godly Attributes – the endless characteristics or traits of the Godly Being, such as Love, Goodness, Omnipotence, Eternity, Justice, Compassion, Infinity, without which we could not even conceive or relate to God.    

Join us to discover how through the Godly Attributes it is made possible for us to know and feel in a direct, ineffable and intuitive way the intimate nature of that mysterious aspect of the Godly reality deepening our closeness with God in our everyday life

Meet the teacher

Austin Allen

Austin was fascinated by Eastern mysticism and the metaphysical from an early age. He practiced Martial Arts throughout his teens and later studied Psychology and the Healing Arts, before discovering the Yoga course (offered by our school) whilst traveling in India. As he practiced more, he soon realized that he had found his spiritual path and the desire was born to share the experience with others. Austin has been practicing Yoga & Tantra with Tara since 2000 and has been teaching since 2006. 


Tara Café – Relating to angels in our daily life

Conversations and cake

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Friday 6th October
7 – 8:30pm

The Café series continues this Friday 6th October with the topic of Angels

Are you curious about angels yet you never asked? Have you had experiences of angels yet you have never had the chance to share? 

One Friday evening each month the beautiful Parvati room in our London centre will be turned into a cosy café.

Tea and cake will be available of course, but the main purpose will be to engage in meaningful conversation, dialogue and sharing with like-minded people on a specific topic. 

These café evenings will be more informal conversations, rather than lectures or presentations. A Tara teacher with relevant experience on the topic will be there to guide the conversation, and members can contribute with their experiences, questions or revelations.    

We hope to see you there! 

Meet the teacher

Eleni Anats

Eleni has been teaching Kashmir Shaivism, as it profoundly touched her life. She feels that these authentic teachings are worth sharing to inspire others to remember their Godly Essence and live a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life. She is the coordinator of the group of deepening the communion with Angels, Archangels and other angelic beings of Light and is part of the organising team of the annual celebration of Angels and Archangels week. She also has an interest in creativity and beauty as spiritual paths.


Tara Café – Fight, compromise, give-up … LOVE?

Conversations and cake

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Friday 8th September
7 – 8:30pm

The Café series continues Friday 8th September with an open discussion on discerning challenging situations in relationships. Engaging with the dynamic dance that can either lead to positive transformation or destructive clashes of ego.  

They say challenges make us wiser and stronger, but they can also be the last nail in the relationship coffin! Love versus pain, forgiveness versus vengeance, effort and sacrifice versus giving up… Let’s debate together. 

One Friday evening each month the beautiful Parvati room in our London centre will be turned into a cosy café.

Tea and cake will be available of course, but the main purpose will be to engage in meaningful conversation, dialogue and sharing with like-minded people on a specific topic.   

These café evenings will be more informal conversations, rather than lectures or presentations. A Tara teacher with relevant experience on the topic will be there to guide the conversation, and members can contribute with their experiences, questions or revelations.    

We hope to see you there! 

Meet the teacher

Bogdan Radasanu

Bogdan has been practising yoga and tantra since 1994. He has found that sharing his experiences on the spiritual path with others is the best way to teach, and a fast track for self-development and opening the soul. Bogdan also believes that love, manifested in the most concrete way, is helping others unconditionally – the very core of Tara’s mission. Expect a very down to earth and practical approach.