Tantric Massage Course – Module 4

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Dive into the secrets of conscious touch, discovering sensuality, intimacy and refined Eros. Uncover the mysteries of the sacred masculine and feminine, connect more deeply with yourself, while offering the wonderful gift of sensual bliss to another soul.

This course is designed to help people connect in a more profound, healing and soul-nourishing way.

By addressing the fundamental power of attraction and polarity which is at the heart of any relationship, you will have practical way of embracing and applying the principles of Tantra in your daily life. 

The search for intimacy often seems fraught with risk and danger, but this is simply because it is done without love. When we approach intimacy from the heart, we start to realise that rather than stepping unprepared out into the wilderness, it is a true journey home, imbued with all the feelings of safety, security and love that characterise discovering the route within, to our true self. 

Who is this course for?

For those who wish for deeper connections

People who want to learn the art of intimacy in a practical way, who want to offer and receive touch in a very profound and conscious way that nourishes our soul.

For both beginners and professionals

People who want to develop spiritually. We will go over the fundamentals of physical massage technique, and then deepen this with Tantric principles to transform the massage into an elevated spiritual experience.  

For those who wish to awaken Love and Eros

People who want to discover the sacred masculine and feminine and use the sublime power of polarity and love to expand their consciousness and awaken their being.

The four modules of our course

Module 1
9th -10th December 2023
Saturday 10am – 6pm, Sunday 11am – 7pm
An Introduction to Tantric massage
  • What is tantric massage and what it is not 
  • The secret of conscious touch and the power of intention 
  • Massage techniques – the fundamentals – learning the basic massage strokes by observing and then following with guidance and correction 
  • Pressure points for relaxation, regeneration, well-being and erotic awakening  
  • Revolutionising your erotic life  
  • Putting all this together by practising the universal massage (the same techniques for men and women) 
  • How to practice at home 
Module 2
20th – 21st January
Saturday 10am – 6pm, Sunday 11am – 7pm
The Game of Polarity
  • The Tantric principle of polarity – embracing your own soul nature and in this way awakening your partners soul 
  • Benefits for men receiving tantric massage 
  • Awakening Shakti through the adoration of Shiva – the feminine attitude in front of Shiva 
  • The specific female way to massage – including body to body techniques (demo and practice) 
  • Benefits for women receiving tantric massage 
  • Awakening Shiva through the adoration of Shakti – the masculine attitude in front of Shakti 
  • The specific masculine way to massage – including further techniques for men (demo and practice) 
  • Ways of improving control over the erotic energies 
Module 3
10th – 11th February
Saturday 10am – 6pm, Sunday 11am – 7pm
The Tantric Orgasm
  • Eros – amorous erotic continence – multi-orgasmic capacity 
  • Mapping the erogenous zones, including some insights into the zodiac signs 
  • Subtle anatomy 
  • Energetic Massage – awaken subtle perceptions and discover tantric orgasms 
  • Becoming a channel of Godly Grace 
  • Subtle protection 
  • Consecration – sanctifying our experience 
  • Heart centring – learning to keep our awareness centred here enables us to venture further into intense experiences 
  • Aphrodisiacs – using plants to amplify various energies that will assist our erotic awakening 
  • Practice of massage by men and women, incorporating the awareness learnt in the energetic massage
Module 4
9th – 10th March
Saturday 10am – 6pm, Sunday 11am – 7pm
Yoni & Lingam Massage
  • Deepening love, pleasure and intimacy 
  • Sanctifying the inner and outer temple 
  • Sacredness and transfiguration 
  • Tantric symbolism of the Lingam 
  • Male erotic anatomy and erogenous zones 
  • Lingam massage demonstration (massage practise will not include lingam massage for reasons that will be explained fully in the course)  
  • Tantric symbolism of the yoni 
  • Female erotic anatomy and erogenous zones 
  • Yoni massage demonstration and practise of full massage 

You will receive several printed handouts, but note-taking is also advised as the teachers will be sharing many personal insights from their own extensive personal experience of this beautiful massage technique. 



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Please note: we no longer accept single bookings. All participants must book as a couple.

If you are curious about our Tantric Massage course but don’t yet have a partner, you can join our ‘Tantric Massage Open House’ event on Saturday 18th November. This event gives you the wonderful opportunity to meet and connect with someone who you can partner with in the course itself. 

You cannot attend module 3 or 4 without participating in module 2 at least. 

Vegan, gluten-free lunch is served for £8. Booking of the meal is essential.

Bookings via massagecourse@tarayogacentre.co.uk

Meet the teachers

Ben Carver

Ben has been involved in this tantra yoga school since discovering us in India while he was exploring many aspects of spirituality there between 1999 and 2001. Being a musician, artist and former Steiner school teacher he brings a creative and heartful approach to teaching, which he has always found deeply rewarding. The connection between tantra and art has been a very important part of Ben’s life and here at Tara he has been able to explore theatre, dance, music and massage, as powerful ways to heal and awaken the soul. 

Contact: ben@tarayogacentre.co.uk 

Iulia Carver

Iulia discovered yoga relatively early in life which comes across in the strong sense of spiritual purpose, positive attitude and joyfulness she radiates. Since that beginning in 1993 she has travelled extensively while maintaining a rigorous practice of Yoga and Meditation, enjoying and demonstrating the benefits of such a practice for women everywhere. She is overjoyed to now call Oxford home and is doing her bit to warm the hearts of academics from all over the world, teaching yoga there. 

Contact: iulia@tarayogacentre.co.uk 


“The four modules of this Tantric Massage Course are amazing! It has helped me to connect much deeper with my inner power and my heart. It has made such a huge difference to my life as now I see everything from the perspective of my heart whereas before the course, I only knew how to see the world with my mind. It has even brought a deeper connection between me and my fiance. Now I practise this perspective every day and Read more
Tantric Massage Course student
“I feel as though in such a short amount of time, I was able to learn so much and would be able to and look forward to applying the knowledge in life. I want to continue to explore ways to express my femininity”. 
“I highly recommend this course! After the course, me and my partner had a beautiful, sensual, intimate love making in which we incorporated many of the massage techniques we learnt. Through the course I gained an incredible depth of understanding of my physical and emotional body. This feeling is so profound and deep, an intimacy with myself which I haven’t felt before. I wanted this inward expansion to explicitly trigger but Read more
Tantric Massage Course student
“In this massage course, I learnt new massage techniques, grew in self-confidence/body confidence, understood some really life-changing principles of tantra. I feel it will help me build stronger relationships and have more confidence in life”. 
“The massage course has been such a sublime experience. From the first module, I felt already equipped with the necessary ingredients to practice at home: we left the room with an uplifting state, a bunch of notes and a few hours of practice. Practicing it at home definitely helped! There was plenty of material to digest. I liked the continuity of the modules, each starting from the experience of the previous ones Read more
Tantric Massage Course student
“It was very helpful to understand the specific ways to massage in a masculine and feminine way – and to put it into practice. And it’s always good to get more practice with transfiguration! It helps me integrate it into my daily life, and to lean towards optimism. The massage practice will bear many fruits. Tara exceeded expectations as usual! Wonderful people, wonderful experience”. 
“Participating in this course has opened up a whole new world for me in which I can express my femininity and love. It has been so amazing to offer this massage and feel how the other completely relaxes and awakens at the same time, diving deep into their pleasure and expansion of consciousness.”
Tantric Massage Course student
“It brought me out of my comfort zone as I am relatively new in my spiritual journey and have never experienced Tantric practice. It met my expectations and more. I feel it will help me in my relationships with others and myself. It is opening up a whole new journey for me”. 
“The workshop was great to deepen the connection with my partner, and to teach me how important it is to take the time to care for her. I also learnt how to work with my energy and my partner’s energy”. 
Find out more about Tantric Massage!

Tantric Massage podcast

To many, the word massage summons up experiences of being pummelled or kneaded like dough. Immediately banish this image from your mind! Tantric Massage is completely different. It is a path to self knowledge. It is an unimaginably sublime experience in which we travel through layers of our being to reach the hidden treasures of one’s own self and that of the other. Here teacher Ben Carver describes to student Vivienne Rush the myriad delights of Tantric Massage.

What is Tantric Massage? (blog article)

“In this state of deep self-connection, tantric massage cuts the chains of fear, the shackles of shame and inhibition, any constrictions in the heart.”

Tantric massage is a spiritual practice in its own right. Like a river with many streams flowing into it, there are many aspects to the practice of tantric massage. To both give and receive tantric massage is a beautiful and heartfelt step on the spiritual path, bringing an intense yet safe awakening of the erotic energies that are brimming with life, so that body, mind and soul overflow with love, and the joy of renewal and rejuvenation.


Will I receive detailed written handouts of the massage?
You will receive several printed handouts, but note-taking is also advised as the teachers will be sharing many personal insights from their own extensive personal experience of this beautiful massage technique. 
What level of experience do I need for this course?
We welcome absolute beginners and massage professionals alike. This course gives valuable insights and practice in the Tantric, conscious and loving approach to massage. 

We will begin with the basics of the physical massage and then build upon that with the understanding of polarity, and many different nuances of awareness and depth, that will help you flow ever more freely into genuinely expressing yourself, your true self, in a way that nourishes and awakens both you and your beloved. 
Will I receive an accredited certificate for completing this course?
This course will not provide you with accredited certification. It is for your personal spiritual development, as an individual and as a couple. 
I don’t have a partner. Can I still join the course?
You do need a partner to join the course. 

In the lead up to the massage course we will hold a variety of events in which you may be able to meet someone who wishes to partner with you on the course. Keep an eye on our events list and emails for these event announcements!

Please note that the modules do require quite a high level of intimacy and openness during the massage, so being comfortable with each other is important, and Tara cannot be responsible for any issues that arise from partnering with someone you don’t already know.
What level of flexibility do I need to be able to practice Tantric Massage in the course?
Due to the types of techniques that we teach, the massage is given on a mattress on the floor. You will therefore need to be able to work sitting on the floor.
If you are not used to sitting and kneeling for longer periods of time, you can bring a cushion to help support yourself.
I can’t join for the dates of the Tantric Massage Course, do you have any other opportunity for me to learn about Tantric Massage?
We have the possibility for private training, contact us via massagecourse@tarayogacentre.co.uk if you are interested.

Sacred Oriental Dance

Book Now
£20/session, £35/month
Multiple dates, see info

Short course for women with Raluca Duda

Consisting of: Belly dance, Hagala, Dancing with a veil, Temple Dance, and other surprises.

Sundays 3:30 – 5pm, see dates below

Two meetings per month

People routinely take time for meditation, prayer and deep reflection. Sacred oriental dance is another outlet to express feelings and emotions that cannot otherwise be expressed through everyday language.

Understanding the rhythm in Sacred oriental dance requires the mind and body to be in sync, becoming a meditative action, helping to expand your consciousness and femininity in a universal dance. 

Sacred oriental dance is a fun and highly expressive dance form. The Sacred Oriental Dance Group is a wonderful way to meet new spiritual sisters who have the same interests, and with whom you can experience your dance journey. By deeply enjoying this dance and its rhythms, we can easily become more introspective, and experience a deeper connection with a higher universal power. We can truly be ourselves and connect deeper with the hearts of others.

We will work with different Sacred Ideals or Godly Attributes, and desired feminine qualities of Beauty, Love, Freedom, and how to manifest these in dance. We will learn about these attributes both in theory and in practice, and how to discover them within our being. By entering in communion and assimilating these godly ideals, your dance movement will become much more expressive, with many nuances, helping your femininity to ascend to new spiritual levels.

All the dance movements and the choreography will be carefully chosen to express the three feminine qualities of Beauty, Love and Freedom. By the end of the course you will feel your feminine soul and your entire being very much enriched and awakened

Learn how to refine your energy. Connect deeply to your beauty. Become filled with love and freedom. 

Benefits of Sacred Oriental Dance:

  • Good for any body type
  • Very effective in building confidence
  • Helps in correcting posture
  • Releases happiness hormones, helping in enjoying the present moment
  • Promotes inner balance and strength
  • Improves digestion
  • Improves coordination

The following dates are:
January: 8th & 15th
February: 19th & 26th
March: 19th & 26th
April: 23rd & 30th
May: 14th & 21st
June: 11th & 25th
July: 2nd & 23rd

During this course will receive all the help you need without rushing the learning process, so that the assimilation of movements and the qualities of a dancer will appear naturally. No previous dancing skills or knowledge of Oriental dance is necessary.

United in the heart, united in the same ideals and aspirations,

all women are welcome to join.


  • £20 per session  
  • £35 per month*  

*If you purchase month access, this has to be attended as 2 sessions in one calendar month.


Thank you Ralu for this amazing experience!! I have really enjoyed your teaching approach – you really embody oriental dance & it is truly inspiring! I have loved the classes that we have all shared together & am really looking forward to doing more and more, I feel so happy & energised after every class! Even though I was apprehensive before the show, I enjoyed it so much & looking forward to being part of more ✨ Love to all of you beautiful ladies! ❤️ 
Hi Ralu, thank you for such a fun and wonderful experience! Your love for life is inspiring and infectious ❤️ You are a fantastic teacher – I started belly dancing with no clue at all and now, feel much more confident 🤩 It’s been lovely spending time with all you beautiful ladies 🥰 

Meet the teacher

Raluca Duda

For the past 20+ years Raluca has been practicing and living the life of a tantric, full of love, sensuality and eroticism. 
From a young age she was a professional figure skater, eventually becoming national champion and then a figure skating coach with a psychology degree. While also being an important part of the Sophrozin Theater Group and Celestial Belly Dance Group from Bucharest Romania, dancing professionally at events all around Europe. Becoming one with her body has allowed her to be free in herself, discovering her sublime, powerful femininity through dance. She is very passionate about helping women to reach their full potential through cosmic dance. Her classes are exciting, full of energy and she creates a supportive and loving sacred space. Her aspiration is to be continuously anchored in the present moment and to make her life a sacred dance full of love.

Archetypes of the Soul

Book Now
£110 members, £140 non-members
Saturday 21st October – Sunday 22nd October

On the journey of inner awakening, we discover patterns in our souls which reflect universal archetypes. The Archetypes express themselves through our personality and determine how we see the world, react to life situations, interact with others and manifest our life energies.
Through the knowledge and understanding of the Soul Archetypes, we can find a path of self development that leads us to “what we are meant to be”, making the soul the guiding force of our lives. This knowledge will greatly help us transcend limiting patterns of our personality, open our hearts and lead us towards the discovery of our true nature.

During this 2 day workshop, we will explore the nature of the masculine and feminine archetypes through lectures, individual and group exercises. We will learn how to discover our predominant archetype and how to unlock the transformational power of all four archetypes within our being for building a life of passion and purpose.

The workshop will include:

  • An in-depth presentation of the four masculine archetypes (King, Lover, Hero, Magician) and the four feminine archetypes (Mother, Fascinating Woman, Heroine, Initiating Woman)
  • How the archetypes manifest in their immature or distorted forms (shadows) of the personality types
  • How to Identify your predominant archetype
  • The understanding of one´s own inner man/ inner woman to bring harmony within couple relationships
  • An exploration of archetypes as a system for the awakening of the soul
  • Practical exercises to connect with the qualities of each archetype – including video clips, music meditations and group exercises

Meet your teachers


The Archetypes workshop was a truly inspiring and thought provoking experience. Both Morgan and Magdalena are very knowledgeable and I came away feeling uplifted with a much deeper understanding of myself. It was a joyful weekend shared with kindred spirits and one of the lovely takeaways was a long list of movies to re-watch over the cold winter evenings. Highly recommend! 

Listen to this podcast to find out more!

Podcast – The Value of Soul Archetypes

While some people may have heard about the masculine and feminine archetypes – Warrior/Heroine, King/Mother, Lover/Fascinating woman, Magician/Initiator – perhaps not so many consciously use understandings of these archetypes to affect their evolution.

Here Vivienne discusses with Morgan why we should consider learning about these archetypes and how by understanding each one, we come to know ourselves more deeply.

Tantra Theory Catch-up Session ~ members only

Book Now
Friday 15th March

At Tara we teach our Tantra course a little differently to most. Ongoing weekly evening courses, where knowledge and practice build on previous lessons, are the frame of what we consider to be a continuous process of personal evolution. Year 1 Tantra has been running since September 2023. If you joined later and would like to catch-up on what you missed, join us for this sweep through the basics. 

Topics covered:

  • What is Tantra?
  • Resonance and chakras
  • Shiva/Shakti – Polarity
  • Muladhara Chakra – vitality & stability
  • Swadhisthana Chakra – erotcism  & pleasure
  • Manipura Chakra – willpower & dynamism
  • Plus Q&A

Registration is essential.

*Please note that this is a members-only session.


Meet the teachers

Bogdan Radasanu

Bogdan has been practising yoga and tantra since 1994. He has found that sharing his experiences on the spiritual path with others is the best way to teach, and a fast track for self-development and opening the soul. Bogdan also believes that love, manifested in the most concrete way, is helping others unconditionally – the very core of Tara’s mission. Expect a very down to earth and practical approach. 

Contact: bogdan@tarayogacentre.co.uk 

The Art of Dying

Book Now
Saturday 11th May – Sunday 12th May

‘Die before you die and you shall become immortal.’


In all ancient spiritual traditions of our planet the role of Death has played a mysterious and vital role in striving for spiritual accomplishments and inner realisations.
Why are we so fascinated by this apparent end of our existence? What is concealed in this powerful and inevitable event following any process of becoming?
According to the initiates, the moment of dying is a mysterious initiation into the secret of life.

This crucial transition into the next world is in fact a very privileged opportunity to realise the natural source of our existence and the purpose of our life.

Questions around life and death are valid across all cultures, this workshop has been equally successful since 2011 in Stockholm, Malmo, Lisbon, Chiang Mai, Bucharest, Oxford, London and Copenhagen.

What you will learn:

  • Spiritual perspectives of death in different cultures and traditions
  • The existential importance of contemplating death
  • Realising that which is ephemeral and that which is eternal
  • Understanding the parts of the being that reincarnate
  • The value of near-death experience, and what can be learned from them
  • Rites of passage. That life is infused with the death of the old to welcome the new
  • How we can help those who are dying
  • How we can prepare for our own inevitable death
  • Practising the art of dying – which is the art of living, in daily life
  • Kaya Kalpa, a practice of meditation in darkness
  • Meditations related to the topic


  • Members: £120
  • Non-members: £150

*Members are those who are currently attending one of our courses, including Try Tara Pass holders.

Special discount for previous participants:
Due to the nature of this topic being something dynamic and evolving, our answers and insights need to be refreshed and updated as we grow, we warmly invite previous participants of this workshop to join again for the discounted price of £40 for members, £50 for non-members. Email us on events@tarayogacentre.co.uk to book your place.

Death and Spirituality Podcast

If you would like to get a flavor of the Art of dying workshop, then have a listen to this podcast Foca did with Vivienne Rush. In the (25-minute) interview, Vivienne quizzes Foca on everything from the Tantric perspective on death to the blockages people face relating to death, to how a change of perspective can fuel spiritual transformation.

While this interview is not a preview of the upcoming workshop, it does provide some hints as to what might be revealed.


We have held this workshop many times since the first one in 2012, in several different countries, supporting hundreds of people around the world in discovering the art of Living and Dying. Hear from previous participants about their experience:

“Thank you for a wonderful and life changing workshop. I feel that it really gave me more appreciation for life and is helping in making better and more valuable decisions ”

I attended your course The Art of Dying last year. It was such an informative weekend and in a way really helped when my Mum passed away in June last year
“I very much enjoyed the workshop, very informative and the practical aspect of it was a bonus. Many thanks for the additional references.”
“I did this course in 2022 and it transformed my attitude to death and dying. I had been alongside loved ones in their final days and seen how they readied themselves with acceptance and dignity. I hoped it would be the same for me in time, but I certainly didn’t have an attitude of acceptance. I needed some help and preparation. So off I went on the workshop and what a journey of inquiry and experience it was! Eye opening in fact! I was nervous to do it and…Read more
This mind opening workshop gave me the tools to appreciate and start practicing the art of dying. Which really means becoming better in the art of living. Warmly recommended! 

Meet your teacher

Foca Yariv

Foca, born in Jerusalem, Israel, had a keen thirst for spiritual knowledge from early age. He started practising yoga and Tantra at the age of 17 (in 2001), and since then he has devoted himself to the spiritual journey. He has been teaching since 2009 in various places around the globe. Since 2011 he has been living in the UK, teaching yoga and tantra and offering various workshops on a wide range of topics from the purpose of life and the art of dying to workshops on masculinity, kama sutra and eroticism, he teaches in London and Cambridge and is guiding men’s groups. 

Contact: foca@tarayogacentre.co.uk 

Kamarasi: Conscious Dance for Women

Book Now
27th November in Oxford/ 28th November in London
4-6pm Oxford, 5-7pm London

This short course is available in both our locations:

Oxford  from 4-6pm in the following dates: 2nd, 16th, 30th October & 13th and 27th November.

London from 5-7pm in the following dates: 3rd, 17th, 31st October & 14th and 28th November.

£20 per session

Kamarasi: Conscious Dance of 12 Feminine Archetypes is a course specially dedicated to women that want to discover and connect with different facets of their soul, becoming more aware of their femininity, through the help of conscious dance. This is the first of the series of modules which will explore various aspects of the feminine universe through movement.

What is your dominant archetype? How about the least developed one? How can we combine and express all 12 feminine hypostasis in our life?

We will find the answers to these questions and to many others throughout this module, because this is more than a usual dance module. It’s a journey in which we connect to our true potential as goddesses, in which we rise above the prejudices and connect to the power of the 12 feminine archetypes. It is a process of personal development which combines movement with practical spiritual experiences.

Therefore, Kamarasi Dance is a unique module which makes your soul vibrate. You will have lots of surprises and you will be fascinated by the treasures that you can bring to surface while you dance in a conscious way, using key-elements that will be presented throughout the module.

These modules are for you if:

– You want to RECONNECT TO YOUR HEART and to express it freely, without prejudices, through movement
– Want to reinvent yourself as a WOMAN, but also as an ARTIST and DANCER.
– You are looking for new and pleasant ways of OVERPASSING YOUR LIMITS
– You want to find an authentic state of SISTERHOOD, in an environment in which you can heal and grow gradually
– You want to amplify your SENSUALITY
– You feel the moment has come to offer yourself a well deserved gift and to invest in your DEVELOPMENT as a woman
– You are a dancer looking to deepen your artistic experiences and to combine them with SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE

2nd Oct Oxford/3rd Oct London
Session 1 – Introduction: The ABUNDANCE of EARTH

Basic elements referring to conscious dance and the 12 feminine archetypes of the soul, emotions captive in our body, reconnect to your roots
THE MOTHER – Overflow of Compassion
THE QUEEN – Feminine Maturity
THE CREATIVE WOMAN – Creative Fecunidity

16th Oct Oxford/17th Oct London

Discover the spring of life that flows through you
FASCINATING WOMAN – Irresistible Attraction
THE LOVER – Everything is Fusion
THE PRINCESS – Charming Innocence

30th Oct Oxford/31st Oct London
Session 3 – The IMPETUS of FIRE

Light your passion and enthusiasm
THE INSPIRING HEROINE – Courage and Freedom
THE CATALYST – Example of Transformation
THE ADVENTURESS – Exploring Feminine Nature

13th Nov Oxford/14th Nov London

Open your wings and fly
THE INITIATING WOMAN – The Call of the Heights
THE FEMALE MAGICIAN – Mysterious Universal Connections
CHILD-WOMAN – Archetypical Purity

27th Nov Oxford/28th Nov London
Session 5 – SYNTHESIS

Recap connected to the subtle elements
Unification of all the archetypes
Expressing the sensuality specific to all 12 archetypes
Q&A Session

Meet the teachers