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Course Timetable

Timetable for new first year courses 2024-2025.
Oxford schedule will be announced soon. Please note, courses are now CLOSED to new students until they re-open in the autumn 2024.
Please contact us directly about the class you wish to join.


Tantra in London
6:30 – 8:30/9pm
with Maria and Foca


Tantra in London
6:30 – 8:30/9pm
with Bogdan and Kirsty
Yoga in London
6:30 – 8:30/9pm
with Francis and Inka



Yoga in London
6:30 – 8:30/9pm
with Austin
Shakti / Vira Groups in London (every second week)
6:30 – 8:30pm
with Maria and Foca


More about our courses

At Tara, we believe that life is a mystery to be discovered. This is why, in each of our courses, the ancient and esoteric practices and principles that help us unveil all the potentials of life are revealed, one by one. Knowledge and practice are delivered on a weekly basis, in modules where each class builds upon the last – providing a true education of life!

But much more than just courses of acquiring knowledge or stretching the body, each course actually represents a complete spiritual path.

Why these courses are the backbone of what we offer:

Continuous practice and transformation

In life, learning never stops. There is infinite potential for growth, expansion and fulfilment. Reflecting this potential, our courses are ongoing, giving you the chance to continue deepening your knowledge and practice for as long as you wish. With esoteric knowledge and techniques offered weekly, you will have the tools to go as far as you choose on your journey.

While some may find themselves hopping from retreat to workshop to festival… searching for something more, our aim is to bring students to discover the true life-changing transformation that comes from putting the teachings into practice.

We know that true transformation is possible. That limitations and blockages melt away to experience a whole new way of being – reaching new levels of happiness, fulfilment, balance and love.

Weekly dose of inspiration

Many of those who continue with our courses do so because they are fascinated. They discover so much about themselves, about life, uncovering more and more layers. They find that their hearts are touched in such a way that they are naturally propelled to practise the teachings for a more profound and meaningful life. Having access to such a source of inspiration and knowledge is invaluable to keep moving forward on a spiritual path.

The weekly classes also bring connections with others who have similar aspirations, goals and questions in life. By uniting in such a way, we can inspire, uplift and support each other. Many students find that they form deeper, more heartful connections than they have ever experienced before.

Learning through direct experience

Our aim is for genuine spiritual knowledge to be accessible to anyone who seeks it. There is something for everyone – newcomer, serious practitioner, yoga teacher, workshop attender, spiritual seeker, or curious explorer. Each will take something unique from the classes, something that speaks to them for where they are on their journey.

  • Students are never asked to have blind faith in the teachings, but to practise with both openness and attentiveness to observe any effects that are experienced.
  • Due to the common principles that are shared across religions, students of a particular faith often find that our courses help them go much deeper into their current practices.
  • For those who do not consider themselves to be ‘spiritual’, the ancient wisdom of these paths is timeless, providing value and insight to anyone who wishes to transform, no matter the nature of their journey.

The Courses


London, Oxford – reopens Autumn 2024
More than just a normal yoga class, in our course we go thoroughly and deeply into the roots of what Yoga truly is…

It is an invitation to realise the true essence of Who we are – the transformation that happens when we discover all the gifts and qualities that usually lie hidden beyond our awareness.

It is a wealth of knowledge and techniques that become a way of living – bringing harmony and peace on each level of our being: the physical, emotional, mental, intellectual and spiritual.

It is the perspective shift on yourself and the universe around you, bringing inspiration to discover and live your highest potential – to thrive!


London, Oxford – reopens Autumn 2024
Tantra is the path of realising the Truth through the heart, which is then consciously opened to everyone and everything.

It is an invitation to awaken now, and to live life in full awareness, to enjoy its amazing intensity, and to experience ecstatic happiness and freedom in the midst of daily life.

Tantra is a path suited to those who wish to live a full and meaningful life, to realise their highest potential, and to celebrate the ‘here and now’.

Tantra embraces all aspects of life consciously and courageously, with the tools and wisdom to realise that life, whether it seems to be ‘pleasant’ or ‘unpleasant’, is our greatest teacher and ally.

Kashmir Shaivism

London – reopens Autumn 2025
Kashmir Shaivism is a complete path of initiation that provides everything needed to reach spiritual realisation. At the essence of this elevated path is Shiva.

It offers you fundamental keys for awakening the soul, for understanding deeper and deeper who you truly are, until finally revealing the ultimate Self – in the here and now.

Kashmir Shaivism is considered one of the most elevated forms of yoga and Tantrism; as it penetrates straight to the core of spiritual knowledge, and dives deep into esoteric principles from the outset.

Natal Astrology

London – reopen date TBA
This course will take you on an inner and outer journey through our solar system and guide you in understanding the archetypal energies of the zodiac signs and planets, and how they impact our psyche in the way we think, feel, act, love and more. Learn to read your own astrological chart and those of others, and deepen your perspective on your place in the world

Spiritual groups

The Vira Group is only for students of Tara (including Try Tara Pass holders), who are currently attending one or more of our courses in Yoga, Tantra and/or Kashmir Shaivism. Tantra for Women is open to all women, whether they are a student of one of our other courses or not.

Vira Group – for men

‘Vira’ refers to one who has awakened the traits of a spiritual hero within. Learn to truly awaken your masculine soul; to remain centred, relaxed and loving in the face of ever greater intensity and beauty in life, to live a more vivid and inspiring life, and make conscious life choices which you can then follow through with all of your being.

Tantra for Women

Fully awakening as a woman means to remember the inherent perfection of your feminine nature, and to recognise your essential nature as pure bliss. An awakened woman is one who is confident in her qualities, who is playful and spontaneous and a ceaseless inspiration to those around her. We invite you on a magical journey of self-discovery, applying ancient Eastern knowledge in alignment with the needs of the present-day woman.

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All other activities

These groups and events give people the opportunity to have a further glimpse into Tara, to meet like-minded people, to come together as a community, to go deeper into certain topics or practices, and to cover areas that are perhaps not so detailed in the courses.