07 June 2024

As life unfolds, it passes through different stages – the different phases that we all pass through in a regular lifetime. We can consider the stages of life from the perspective of four distinct phases: childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and old age. Each with their specific characteristics, interests and accomplishments.

The stages are not only characterised by outer circumstances, but rather they define an inner process – the lessons and experiences our soul needs to pass through in our lifetime. These lessons may or may not unfold in a linear fashion – sometimes we only fully learn the lessons specific to childhood much later in our life!

In this short presentation, teacher, Eleni explores the amazing qualities of children, and the importance of keeping our inner child alive – no matter our age! Eleni presents the impact that our connection with, and nourishing of, our inner child has in our everyday life, as well as some ways to reconnect with it.

This short talk was given by Kashmir Shaivism teacher Eleni Anats, who will be one of the teachers at this year’s Summer Yoga Retreat in which we will explore the Journey of the Soul from many perspectives! Join this retreat to dive deeper into this topic!

09 May 2024

Death… an event that we usually associate with sadness and dread – if we dare to look at the subject at all. Death is seen as the ‘end’, and is associated with suffering and darkness. But how much do we really know about death? Most of the time we make assumptions, and then we are too scared to investigate further – the insidious ‘fear of the unknown’ crippling us into a paralysing ignorance, that makes it even harder to look death in the eye. 

There are so many unknowns and uncertainties in life, but one thing that can be guaranteed is our own death. We cannot escape it. No matter how healthy we are, how much time and money we invest in keeping ourselves young and beautiful or how brave we are when looking at death, it still remains as the inevitable conclusion of life. So, how can it be that something so certain is so unknown and so feared? 

There are so many unknowns and uncertainties in life, but one thing that can be guaranteed is our own death.

Comparing death to the opposite moment in the spectrum of time – the moment of birth, creates a very contrasting reaction. A birth brings happiness and joy. It is associated with new beginnings and life.  

And yet, are these two moments of birth and death really so independent of each other? In contemplating nature we can feel how this cycle of birth and death is miraculous, filling us with awe, and giving a sense of majesty. The way in which nature unfolds during the change of seasons is the perfect example of the way in which both birth and death happen all the time, in front of our eyes. The death of winter that evolves into the rebirth of spring, to bask in the full glory of nature in summer, only to shed the vestments of life in autumn, to stand barren and bare in the solitude of winter and then to emerge fresh as a newborn emerging into the light, in the wonder of spring again.

How could we grow in the depth of how profoundly we know ourselves, if we were restricted to one life? 

We need not fear death because death is everywhere. It is inevitable. As inevitable as life. 
But why do we need to go through this process? 
What is the purpose of these seemingly endless cycles of life and death? 

Imagine one endless life. We are born into a family, a community, a race, an education system, according to our karma. We have lessons and understandings that need to be learned. One person needs to be a son, a brother to Joe, a good fireman, and to find time to take care of his wife and children and be the pillar of his community. In this life, he learns lessons and becomes wiser. But that wisdom only comes from a few experiences that are pertinent to that specific life. And maybe in that lifetime he grows financially, but perhaps not so much spiritually. And this life would go on forever, with its limited experiences and lessons that need to be learnt. Would the soul feel quenched? How could we grow in the depth of how profoundly we know ourselves, if we were restricted to one life? 

The process of life, death and rebirth is essential, so that each of us can receive a vast gamut of lessons available to enrich the soul and lead us on the journey towards perfect self-knowledge. If we contemplate this, we soon understand that what is described here is transformation, and that birth and death are essential for transformation, and thus for evolution. And all this growth, these lessons are food and nourishment for the soul. The physical body is just a garment that we shed at the end of life. But inside, the immortality of the spirit shines forth and passes from lifetime to lifetime, basking in the glory of the enriching experiences it encounters, life after life. It is on the journey home.

In The Bhagavad Gita it is written: 

Never the spirit was born; the spirit shall cease to be never; 
Never was time it was not; End and Beginning are dreams! 
Birthless and deathless and changeless remain the spirit forever; 
Death has not touched it at all, dead through the house of it seems.

Thus, we can understand that death does not mark the very end. It is a continuation into a new cycle of existence. It is a rest, a moment of peace, of repose, before entirely new, vast and awakening experiences unfold. 

When we dare to see death in this way, there is little space for fear. 

With this understanding, we become bolder in life, and we stop living inhibited by the fear of what we do not know. We begin to embrace life, and to live all moments intensely, where life and death, beginnings and endings exist. We stop running away and start running towards transformation and inner growth. 

It is not death that a man should fear. He should fear never beginning to live.

Marcus Aurelius

This article was written by Tantra and Yoga teacher Magdalena Hau, who will be one of the teachers at this year’s Summer Yoga Retreat in which we will explore the Journey of the Soul from many perspectives! Join this retreat to dive deeper into this topic!

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In this interview, our 4th-year Tantra student Vivienne interviews Tantra teacher Foca Yariv, about death and the perspectives spirituality can bring to the subject, about which Eastern and Western approaches can differ hugely. Foca has spent a great deal of time studying Eastern perspectives on death, to find out what we can actually learn from them. Listen to the podcast here.

30 April 2024

Men, do you want to become better lovers? How can you be more romantic, loving, confident and passionate with your beloved? Is masculinity still a bit of a conundrum for you?

Tantra teacher Foca Yariv explains the Tantric practice and concept of erotic amorous continence, as well as Tantric perspectives on masculinity, which can help all men along their journey of awakening as men. Hear also about his personal journey into these topics.

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12 April 2024

Polarity, and the intensity of the game between the feminine and the masculine, is the source of power in our evolution and Spiritual awakening. When the game of polarity is alive and the process of inner alchemy is intense, ecstasy arises within, and with it comes existential joy and lasting happiness.

See what we experienced during our 2024 Polarity Retreat, “The Alchemy of Ecstasy”!

01 April 2024

Bridging Biology & Tantra with Dr Liat Yakir

Discover the nature of love, orgasms, and relationships in a lively discussion with author Dr Liat Yakir, a highly respected keynote speaker on topics of the biology of human emotions, and experienced Tantra teachers Maria Porsfelt and Foca Yariv.

Dr Yakir has just published her book, A Brief History of Love, well received in her native Israel. Maria Porsfelt has been teaching Esoteric Tantra Yoga for over 15 years and practising since 2001. She has been guiding men and women in workshops on eroticism, orgasms and relationships. Foca Yariv has been practising Yoga & Tantra since a young age, and has also been teaching for over 15 years. He has been guiding men on the spiritual path, supporting them in the practice of amorous erotic continence and tantric lovemaking.

Embark on a journey of understanding love from the perspective of the chemistry of the brain and how this relates to spirit, how orgasms are a necessity for both the body and soul, and how relationships are a celebration of the game between the complementary nature of the masculine and the feminine.

Discover the hormones that drive us and how by understanding our biology we can wisely navigate life and go beyond this drive, know ourselves better and achieve an elevation of the consciousness.

This discussion was hosted by journalist Vivienne Rush.

21 February 2024

Polarity exists on many levels of our being and on many levels of planetary life. As we study the concept of polarity, we can begin to observe it playing under the surface of everything. The two polar elements, plus and minus, masculine and feminine, are in a constant dance, back and forth, striving for balance.

As teachers Maria Porsfelt and Morgan Arundel tell student Vivienne Rush, with perseverant and focused practice we can join that dance, and by polarising and harnessing energies we can feel surges of happiness and willpower strengthening at our core.

To find out more about other Tantric principles and practices, join our ongoing Tantra course!

06 February 2024

If you want to embrace your potential more consciously, and to know who you really are, then the study of astrology may be your next step. In this podcast, Tantra and Astrology teacher Alina Chereches explains to student Vivienne Rush how the energies at play in the cosmos are mirrored in our own lives.

Through astrological study we can begin to identify those energies and consciously breathe life into potentialities which otherwise may lay dormant in our birth charts. We can see where we are the same or different to others. All twelve astrological signs complement each other perfectly – man and woman in twelve facets. Through this understanding we can learn to love and appreciate ourselves exactly as we are, and to continually extend our circle of compassion towards others.

10 January 2024
Femininity on the Tantric path

A vital part of a woman becoming her true, authentic self is to embrace the gift of Shakti, and connect with the creative life force inside her being, that is waiting to be activated.

For many women there is a moment when the desire to fully awaken becomes powerful and insistent. The question then is, what to do next?

Tantra provides many answers, many techniques to support and maintain this awakening, including the opportunity to be in a community of women who are learning to open their hearts and indeed their whole beings, to Shakti; learning to see what is beautiful in others.

This perspective is a welcome relief from the pressure to compete, that many girls and women experience, which forces them to push down or ignore their natural, powerful selves.

In this podcast, Tantra teachers Magdalena Hau and Mojdeh Moasser share with student Vivienne Rush the magnificence of awakening Shakti in their own lives.

25 December 2023
What is it like to be a part of Spiritual Community? Why would we need it on the path?

Social interaction is essential to every aspect of our being. As we develop spiritually through our studies and practices, we may look for companions to share experiences with. We can be inspired by others in many different ways, and a community of people working on their spiritual growth is like a hall of mirrors reflecting us back to ourselves. As teacher Morgan Arundel tells student Vivienne Rush, in an atmosphere of kindness and positive regard, we can choose without fear to grow into our authentic selves.

15 November 2023

Through this initiation you can access the art in you that is waiting to be expressed! If you feel a longing to be creative, to be more creative, or if you are an artist and want to put more into your artistic creations, you can benefit from this workshop and the Art Initiation, 30th November to 3rd December at Tara. If you want a taste of what you will experience, listen to this podcast by student Vivienne Rush with artists and Tantric practitioners, Mojdeh Moasser and Radu Solomon, who have received the initiation and opened themselves to an abundance of creativity in their lives.