06 February 2024

If you want to embrace your potential more consciously, and to know who you really are, then the study of astrology may be your next step. In this podcast, Tantra and Astrology teacher Alina Chereches explains to student Vivienne Rush how the energies at play in the cosmos are mirrored in our own lives.

Through astrological study we can begin to identify those energies and consciously breathe life into potentialities which otherwise may lay dormant in our birth charts. We can see where we are the same or different to others. All twelve astrological signs complement each other perfectly – man and woman in twelve facets. Through this understanding we can learn to love and appreciate ourselves exactly as we are, and to continually extend our circle of compassion towards others.

14 June 2022

Need a boost of energy? Close your eyes and imagine this. You are in astrological alignment in a physical spiral next to the ancient standing stones of Stonehenge at the exact time when this temple which was built in homage to the sun, is due to receive the first rays of the rising sun. As sunlight hits the altar stone, the music begins. You are immersed in a meditation, you feel the radiance of the sun, the ancient history of the earth beneath your feet and the expansion of your heart. At the summer solstice celebration we become like tuning forks and carry that exalted energy within us through the next weeks and months.

And if you are considering participating, you can find more information in the link below.

stonehenge solstice meditation
Moment of summer solstice, Stonehenge. 2019

“The spiral is a unique form of meditation where we stand holding hands. We form this in an anti clockwise direction, which focuses the energy towards the centre – yang energy. So the idea of this spiral meditaiton is to increase the yang energy which amplifies focus and awareness.”

Morgan Arundel, Yoga and Tantra Teacher
05 June 2019


Gemini – communication and understanding

The sun moves into Gemini on 21st May 2019 and this is the end phase of the first cycle of the year and a period of assimilation and resorption of the energies as the transition from spring to summer takes place. All of the experiences of the first two months of the year will be analysed by the Gemini energy. Questions will be asked, answers will be sought, conclusions drawn that will be used to give an impulse to the start of the second cycle of the year.

Gemini is an air sign, mutable and governed by the planet mercury and it is these qualities that give the well-known characteristics of Gemini associated with communication, ideas, study and knowledge and being concerned with the interconnectivity between all things. This leads to a filtering process from the first cycle of the year and we take forward with us all that is necessary for the next cycle while discarding all that is no longer needed.

On the 21st May, Mercury will also move into Gemini and we will thus have Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune all in domicile. It will be a time when the energies of these planets are naturally flowing and easily accessed, allowing us to integrate our activities harmoniously and use each of these planetary energies as we need them.

With Gemini in Mercury we will be especially communicative, curious and sociable. We will take pleasure in gaining knowledge of things. Mercury will also be conjunct the sun and in the middle of the Mercury cycle, it will be a good time to revive any projects we started in mid-March.

On 29th MayMercury in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces. Both Mercury and Neptune are in their home signs, so they are both very powerful and willing to impose their agendas. What will win, reason (Mercury) or imagination (Neptune)? According to Einstein, “imagination is more important than knowledge”. But as a Pisces himself, Einstein may have been a bit biased.

To make the best out of this energy, do a bit of both. Allow your imagination to guide you, but when things get really slippery, remember to do a reality check.

On 31st May it ends with a powerful battle between mercury in Gemini and Jupiter in Sagittarius. Again, both Mercury and Jupiter are in their home signs, motivated to push their agenda. Jupiter’s agenda is to keep the faith, to believe, no matter what. Mercury’s agenda is to doubt everything and keep looking.

“There are two ways to slide easily through life; to believe everything or doubt everything. Both ways save us from thinking.” Alfred Korzybski

As with everything, the key is to reconcile our differences. That’s how we grow, that’s how we evolve.

On June 3rd the new moon is in Gemini (sun conjunct moon in Gemini) – a good day to start studying. Or, at least, you can start reading a new book. You can also use the energies of the new moon to make some changes and to do something new and different in your life. “The secret to getting ahead is getting started“ (Mark Twain).

On June 4th Mercury enters Cancer – your memory is improved, during this transit of Mercury. Emotions have the most important role in decision making. “When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but with creatures of emotion” (Dale Carnegie)

On June 9th Venus enters Gemini – you have strong intellectual interests and intellectual hobbies. You really enjoy communicating with people, face to face, by phone, online… “Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after” (Anne Morrow Lindbergh)