25 April 2022

The journey with the 10 Great Macrocosmic Powers continues. This month our wonderful Tantra and Shaivism student, Cintia gives us her reflections on a day with Chinnamasta:

With Chinnamasta we arrived at the sixth face of the goddess and as we came together it was as if we suddenly came to a gathering of Amazon warriors.

We drew our swords and in a few minutes we all seemed to bring a fiery knowledge of how to use them as we walked in our warrior queen mode, with our weapons for truth, high principles, justice and what is right.

The teachers felt like Chinnamasta Herself, manifested in our presence.

For those who have seen the Wonder Woman movie, it felt exactly like those early scenes with female warriors practising together and teaching other female warriors how to battle, as they guided us through the many exercises on a journey of touching our own courage. We saw our strength, that it is ok to stand up for what we see is not right in the world, that we can be fighters, speak up, and be assertive instead of damsels in distress, passively looking at what we clearly see to be wrong, that we don’t have to accept absurd rules, injustices.

The real fight starts within ourselves, with our own fears, our own inhibitions, our own limitations, our own tendency to stay and live small, of hiding and running away, and losing ourselves in confusion, letting ourselves be controlled by erratic states of mind and emotions that makes us reactive to whims of irrationality and lack of clarity…

That is why this magnificent, terrifying goddess is represented as cutting her own head off… an exercise we all did, as we each picked up our own swords and severed our heads (not literally of course), but as we did this in the space of profound silence, we met Grace and power as if Chinnamasta was birthed in us, through us, we could all feel Her presence in the room.

It’s that absolute focus that comes when we save a life, that complete clarity that knows exactly what to do in a crisis, that shamelessness to be completely who we are, to be wholesome in our femininity, when we forgive the unforgivable, when we face our fears and move ahead anyway.

A Goddess that at first glance seems to be about war and fighting, actually is about a profound state of peace, a core certainty from the heart of what is right, a firmness that is aligned with the godly Mind, with godly Justice and Wisdom, the highest of principles, the courage to love fully, unabashedly, and completely, and be fully in her own power and strength, to be who She is …

A lightning moment when we completely forget about ourselves and in a state of natural authenticity walk into the fire of a situation to do what we are intuitively guided is the right thing to be done. It could be to protect an innocent, or defend those who can’t, or make a wrong right… we have all had such moments in our lives when we are taken by a godly force of complete alignment, and in that moment there is no doubt or question, we know exactly what needs to be done and it comes from deep within… I guess the simple example to relate to is that of a mother who will do anything to protect her children, but there are many examples through history: Joan D’arc, Lady Godiva, Sojourner Truth, Mother Theresa, Princess Diana, Aung San Suu Kyi, Malala Yousafzai etc…
After this powerful workshop training on bringing out our warrior goddess, we were ready to face anything!

Feedback from the workshop series:

spiritual community of like minded people on a path of transformation

The great goddess Chinnamasta – the one who allows for the lightening transcendence of any state. She who gives detached contemplation of even life’s most intense experiences.

19 January 2022

Over the past few months, the Ten Faces of the Goddess workshops have been moving and touching the souls of the women in our community.

Here are some reflections from one of the particpants, Cintia:

These workshops introduce the ancient Tantric knowledge of the Mahavidyas, the ten facets of the Divine Feminine that are expressed in many of the traits present in every woman.

Each workshop feels like a unique mysterious enticing dance of the Goddess touching each woman, who finds their own reflection in each Mahavidya, as they manifest the Divine Feminine qualities to life and unveil endless treasures within each of them.

As every session comes to a close, there is a feeling of bonding, sisterhood and for many a sensation of being part of the magnetic entrancing dance of the Goddess – part of Her body, and Her many faces.

In the Tara workshop each woman delved into a journey of love and compassion.

We were able to look deep inside the souls of the other women, and find a mother, a sister, a friend who is there not just to help those she loves, but the whole Universe. That was the face of Tara. That was the face inside each of us. That was the face reflecting back to us in the eyes and hearts of each woman; our own essence…

We found the power of the feminine in holding each one of us in love, support and presence… in holding a space of compassion, empathy and forgiveness for every sister, mother, daughter, wife, lover in each season of life, in times of smiles and times of tears… we felt like this for each other… we felt this Goddess power of Tara emerging in us, naturally uplifting each woman, bonding us naturally together as cells of Her Spirit and extensions of Her unconditional love, to all the beings in the Universe.

In Tripura Sundari women found the meaning of true beauty, love and harmony.

Women discovered that True Beauty is an Universal truth, that is essential to the growth and evolution of Humanity. When it is present it brings a sense of Harmony, elation, of reaching a higher ineffable understanding…it touches the soul. We witness the beauty that exists inside ourselves with a mirror exercise, and in every woman who allows herself to shine from within, in authenticity and the embodiment of her core feminine essence. We experienced how beauty is not only interior, but is present also externally in every feature, in every curve, in every unique feminine body, as all are manifestations of the Eternal Goddess.

In Tripura Sundari we also explored how beauty is also what animates art. Who has never been touched by a piece of art, poetry, a book, by music that brought tears to the eyes?

And love! Love… that takes us to the heights of human experience, that makes humans feel invincible, through which the most incredible miracles, the most unbelievable selfless acts became a reality. That love starts inside us first. And love is what unites us, what makes us whole, alive and what makes life possible and the Universe one!

Feedback from the workshops:

“I feel I know myself better and that I can manifest more of my feminine qualities!”

“I really appreciate being in the company of other women and exploring the Divine Feminine and how She manifests in me and my life. “

“Discovering more in-depth the nuances of the Cosmic Powers and the breadth of the gifts they manifest in our inner feminine world is such an enrichment and it brings so much joy to my soul!”

spiritual community of like minded people on a path of transformation

The great goddess Tara – the shining light who guides all spiritual seekers. Tara is one of the quickest of the Maha Vidyas to respond to our calls for help. She is also the bestower of grace and the one who can help with compassion and forgiveness.

The great Goddess Tripura Sundari. The one who governs love, beauty, elevated eroticism. And inspiration for all women walking the tantric path.