About us

​​Tara is an authentic spiritual school and a registered charity, offering a unique opportunity for personal and spiritual growth through the paths of Yoga and Tantra. The backbone of the school is formed by our in-depth courses designed for those who are ready to go deeper and see lasting transformations in their life. We also offer classes, workshops, talks, retreats and social events.

Our wide and diverse community of like-hearted people welcomes seasoned practitioners as well as total newcomers and everyone in between!

All of our teachers and many of our staff are volunteers. Those who work in our core team view their role not as a ‘job’, but as a form of spiritual practice (known as Karma Yoga), through which we always aim to act unselfishly and from the heart.

Teachers and staff alike are in a conscious process of transformation and development together with our students. As a charity, we are self-funded and therefore rely on income from activities and donations from people who like what we do.

Who is Tara?

Tara is one of the ten Maha Vidyas or goddesses of the Tantric pantheon. She is the embodiment of knowledge, grace and compassion. Tara is the guiding star of all spiritual seekers, helping aspirants at any moment as they navigate ‘samsara’, the ocean of illusion, on the path to self-knowledge. Our centres are dedicated to Maha Vidya Tara, as hubs of knowledge and spiritual evolution.

Tara Foundations

These fundamental pillars form the foundation and framework of all teachings, techniques and activities offered in Tara.

The Law of Occult Resonance
The law of occult resonance allows us to evaluate any process, any action, any knowledge, and any perspective from a universal level, namely, the knowledge of its vibratory nature and thus its precise position and value within the hierarchical structure of reality. In our daily yoga practice, we aim to use the process of resonance to bring the kind of energies into our being that result in beneficial, balancing, creative, regenerative, healing and elevating effects. 
Pure Eros & Amorous Erotic Continence
 The practice of amorous erotic continence is central to a Tantric practice, both as an immense energetic support for all our spiritual achievements, a refinement of our entire being and as an expression of a more conscious way of approaching intimacy and sensual experiences. We aim to embrace everything in the light of awareness, making sacred that which before was considered profane.
The Art of Consecration
Through the practice of Yoga and Tantra disciplines, it becomes possible to live every moment of life according to spiritual principles, and to find sacredness and spiritual insight in the midst of ‘ordinary’ life. The practice of consecration is a very simple but highly effective method of the Yoga and Tantra paths, providing a fundamental key to make every moment of life sacred, and integrated in the universal harmony.
The Revelation of the Godly Attributes
The Godly Attributes are characteristics, manifested as enigmatic energies, which belong to the Godly Being, or God. Amongst such attributes we can mention Love, Kindness, Eternity, Compassion, Forgiveness, and many more. The unique revelation in our school is that the Godly Attributes are and will be in eternity free, endless and beneficial subtle energies, which are accessible and can be felt directly inside our own being.

Morals & Ethics – Yama & Niyama
Broadly speaking, the yamas and niyamas are ethical and moral guidelines that help us build a harmonious life. They offer guidance on the most beneficial integration of the individual in the macrocosmic whole – both in terms of inner attitudes that should be cultivated, as well as certain outer guidelines for our interactions with the world at large. These create the foundation for our development, being the first steps on our journey towards the highest realisations.
The Principle of Polarity
The Principle of Polarity refers to the truth that all things within creation have “two sides”; “two aspects”; “two poles”; a “pair of opposites,” with many degrees between the two extremes. By observing this principle in all aspects of our life, we can reach a state of balance and harmony that is essential for true spiritual awakening, empowerment and the revelation of our Godly Nature. 
The Meeting of Spirituality & Quantum Physics

The discovery of quantum physics in the last few decades has redefined the way we view the universe and has forever changed the face of science. A special feature of the courses offered in this spiritual school is to approach spiritual practice in a scientific way, that is, to understand the theory expressed as principles and mechanisms, to use known methods to experiment with the specific concepts and models, and to validate these truths and realities via direct experience.

The University of Life

At Tara we believe that life is for living, so we need to learn to truly live. And like life, learning never stops. That is why we teach our flagship courses in Yoga and Tantra a little differently to most. The core courses are structured like university courses with knowledge and practice delivered on a weekly basis, in modules where each class builds on previous lessons.

People often ask us, ‘How long is the course?’ Well, we see personal evolution as a continuous process, so our courses literally continue as long as you wish to keep learning! Some of our students find what they came for after a few months, while many attend classes for years – just ask a Tara student, ‘What year are you in?’ and you might hear ‘2nd year’, ‘4th year’, ‘7th year’ or even more. Every week a brand-new lesson is offered, together with tools and practices that allow this ever-expanding knowledge to be integrated into daily life.

Alongside our courses, we run regular workshops, talks and other events. These can be treated as stand-alone experiences, or as ways to enrich the knowledge already offered on the courses. We also run two retreats a year, where we immerse ourselves in yoga and tantra for a full week away from the bustle of the city