07 June 2024

As life unfolds, it passes through different stages – the different phases that we all pass through in a regular lifetime. We can consider the stages of life from the perspective of four distinct phases: childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and old age. Each with their specific characteristics, interests and accomplishments.

The stages are not only characterised by outer circumstances, but rather they define an inner process – the lessons and experiences our soul needs to pass through in our lifetime. These lessons may or may not unfold in a linear fashion – sometimes we only fully learn the lessons specific to childhood much later in our life!

In this short presentation, teacher, Eleni explores the amazing qualities of children, and the importance of keeping our inner child alive – no matter our age! Eleni presents the impact that our connection with, and nourishing of, our inner child has in our everyday life, as well as some ways to reconnect with it.

This short talk was given by Kashmir Shaivism teacher Eleni Anats, who will be one of the teachers at this year’s Summer Yoga Retreat in which we will explore the Journey of the Soul from many perspectives! Join this retreat to dive deeper into this topic!