14 September 2023


We asked our students, “What do you perceive Kashmir Shaivism has brought to your life?”. Read their touching and meaningful answers below:

I am walking through a thick white fog. The earth on my bare feet is my only connection to the reason for my existence. I look for an explanation of my reality there but nothing substantial can be found in the dirt. From time to time in the fog I perceive the tips of white wings of benign presences. Then behind me to my surprise and delight, I hear the sound of horses hooves and the creak of wheels. My heart beats fast, my eyes stretch wide as two lights shine out of the mist. A golden carriage approaches. It is drawn by a black horse and a white horse. A medieval knight, rides out in front carrying before him the blunt sword of mercy. The knight, the horses and the carriage are resplendent in fluttery flags bearing Siva’s trident and a six pointed star: this is the livery of the house of Trika. I am humble in my simple cotton shift and quickly shake the dust from my feet as I enter the carriage of pure reality. From the window the view is magnificent. The air is shimmering with atoms falling in love. I see the knights armour dropping away. The roof of fog above is thinning showing patches of blue and black of starry night. I look behind me, all my belongings are strew along the road. Now they take the shape of fossils, the detritus of my ignorance turning to dust. The horses walk in rhythm, nodding their heads in agreement. The wheels on the carriage turn and fireflies leap and play, shimmering down the spokes towards the centre where they merge in a final flash of surrender. Around the golden coach there are butterflies in constant motion, turning from chrysalis to full flight then back to chrysalis again. “Which path is this?”, I ask the knight. “All paths are the path of the heart”, he replies.” I see I have taken the correct route. “All is mystery and wonder”, says the knight, “do not try to work it out, you are beyond mind, admire the view and all will be revealed.” I see the fog deep and white and occasionally thinning to reveal a golden beam of sunlight and a mystery within that only my heart understands. There is birdsong so I know I am not alone. The divine sounds are silent, only lightning in the air reveals their truth” – Vivienne. 

The Kashmir Shaivism course brought in my life a very direct path to the Heart of God. The awareness of the techniques and the exemplifications opened my being to more and more of what is possible. The techniques that are revealed can be extremely simple and very effective, for example a breathing technique that we learned has stayed with me after practising it for a few weeks and became one of my favourite tool to elevate my consciousness. 
I feel enriched and very grateful for everything that I received in this course.” – Jeno 

“Greater understanding of the individual nature and consciousness and the interconnections between them and profound connections of all things and beings.” – Josianne. 

From an intellectual perspective, the Kashmir Shaivism course has been helping me get a deeper understanding of the Tantric principles and practices. I usually find myself having “why” questions on the Tantra and Yoga courses, and this course has been providing the answers to some of those questions brilliantly.  
It has also been helping me get a deeper understanding of myself and the Universe as a whole. 
From an esoteric perspective, it has been one of the most direct ways of receiving Shiva’s grace. I have experienced some of the most beautiful states of His grace during the exemplifications in class” – Sasan. 

About KS, it has enriched my life in many ways. Mainly it is how different levels of understanding are revealed. So many things I had intuitions about, become explained. It has helped me trust my intuitions, and fostered a keener love of learning more. Connections between so many things. Expansion. Growth. Connectedness. Spirit running through us all and in all and everywhere, mystery, beauty, God” – Enrica 

Kashmir Shaivism was the discovery of a spiritual scientific explanation and model of existence and the Universe that co-relates with many of the subject we study to understand the Universe, with the difference that this is observable from almost any scientific lens and empirical experience. 
A profound initiation into understanding God, Universe myself and existence, everything.” – Cintia 

Lots of subtle information. Very structured course. I do not imagine where else I would find these materials. This feels like the knowledge and wisdom underpinning all the great religions. Knowledge to ponder in for a lifetime which will reveal new aspects to me as I grow and mature” – Scott 

Shiva linga, an iconic representation of the Hindu god Shiva

What do I perceive Kashmir Shaivism has brought to my life? 

I have studied Kashmir Shaivism for two years. In that time the rigid cages of thinking about my life, that I thought were real, the idea of myself that I thought was me, have fallen away. The teachings have sounded a bell of truth that I know to be true because it resonates in my heart. These days I am more courageous and less fearful of the unknown.  

All my life I wanted to know the purpose of my life, the purpose of all life on the planet, why I am here and what is existence. Kashmir Shaivism has provided me with many keys to unlock these mysteries and get a sense that there is indeed a ‘unique intelligence and wisdom’ behind the creation of the universe, a creator. 

At the same time the absence of full understanding is perplexing. Partial knowledge is indeed ignorance. I grasp an insight or have an aha moment then later on, I find it hard to recall. I feel elevated when I read the class notes then later on I try to recall the teachings and it takes me many repetitions to embed the knowledge. 

I perceive that Kashmir Shaivism blows my mind. Blows circuits in my brain. My attachment to thinking that life is one single earthly existence & I am here purely to enjoy the fruits of the earth. Having to unlearn before I am able to learn. Esoteric truth needing to be experienced by my awakened heart. 

I feel uplifted by the information about the Tattvas, the 12 Kalis, the Rasas. 

It is wonderful to see the harmony, the symmetry and the complexity of the building blocks of life and the unfoldment of life in time & space crossing the three realms. Again leading me to a sublime experience of myself in which my consciousness is expanded for brief moments & in which I feel connected to the energies of Siva & Shakti, to the earth, to the mysterious sounds and energies of the phonemes, to the moon and to the five fundamental Tattvas. I nurture gratitude in my heart for not ending this incarnation in ignorance. For having broken through. 

The Kanchukas, sometimes seem cruelly immovable being so habituated to feeling that I am my limitations in creativity, energy, knowledge, happiness; limited to the learning I can achieve in this one life. 

Aspiration, spiritual practice & seeing myself as a cosmic being connected to universal forces then becomes very important. 

The multiplicity of Shakti energy forms,  seeing her in so many different forms, experiencing her in the form of blissful nectar, in the multiplicity of the Nityas, the eternal creatives.  

The nature of the energy of the Logos and the connection with the unfoldment of all life, is intriguing and I don’t think I truly understand it. I struggled to see sound as subtle. I struggled to see the breath as subtle. I struggled to see the veil of Maya encasing us in a bubble made of space and energies. I struggled to feel I was the entire universe and that the entire universe was in me. 

How I perceive Kashmir Shaivism opens widely the door to my poetic self & the door to my heart and this is a place that I wish to expand from. There is no going back.” – Vivienne 

A statuette of the dancing Shiva . India, Udaipur

About Kashmir Shaivism for me learning this has made me really appreciate life as this infinite mysterious phenomenon full of magic and to appreciate the connection of everything and understand things like synchronicity to a much deeper level. It has really made the understanding of creation so much more magical. I feel taken to a dreamland whenever I am exposed to this topic. Thank you Eleni and Nikos, I love your class and how you teach.” – Danielle 

The main benefit from my time in the class has been discovering a rich tradition that helps give structure and meaning to my spiritual experiences including meditation and that gives me some solid ground where I feel held and can grow further. I also learnt to observe my mind and emotions as they arise, noticing what thoughts and feelings were coming up for me without attaching to them” – Matthew 

Had insights that I could connect together with the teachings from different traditions, seeing connection with parallel belief systems and experiencing the correlations not just spiritually but with the wider world” – Chris 

Learnt to trust intuition and validation of emotions during meditations, felt a certainty and connection with Shiva and a deeper knowing that I have been on this path before” – Enrica.  

I found a philosophical framework and a model of the universe that makes sense and correlates with my personal experience as well as all the other sources I’ve studied. Also, the meditations go deep and have helped me to embody and awaken my soul”, – Elias 

Gave me practical tools and a framework to navigate life in a way that I found powerful for all areas of my experience” – Cerys.  

Kashmir Shaivism goes much deeper into Laya Yoga.  Sometimes I arrive in the class with agitated mind and then get into the class and leave feeling happier. Feeling the essence of the information. Change perspective on life and the Universe” – Rob 

Knowledge is a highlight. Became more conscious of the steps of this path. Classes: each one is wonderful and exciting, active and different. Wonderful meditations. Classes are engaging. When initially came to the course, came looking for answers in personal life. Found the answers!” – Ana 

Kashmir Shaivism course inspired me to reveal the Self. Inspired me to read more like I Am That. Wonderful to understand the essence of the universe. Feel addicted to the discovery of the Universe and connection to the human life and experience. Aim to look from the higher perspective in daily life and continue to change my perception. Information absolutely related to who we are” – Jonathan 

Lord Shiva. Photo courtesy of PixaHive

Kashmir Shaivism is a complete path of initiation that provides everything needed to reach spiritual realisation. At the essence of this elevated path is Shiva. It offers you fundamental keys for awakening the soul, for understanding deeper and deeper who you truly are, until finally revealing the ultimate Self – in the here and now. Learn more about Kashmir Shaivism through our in-depth biweekly course in London.