09 August 2023

“The fog revealed the stones rising up from a shimmering blue light.” 


I had the special opportunity to attend the Solstice Sunrise Meditation which took place on the morning of the 21st June from 4:30 – 6 am. I had never been to Stonehenge before even though I had passed the site many times. I travelled from London after my evening yoga class at Tara. I usually come in to class from outside London but because of the long drive and needing to leave early in the morning, I stayed at a colleague’s house. We left around half past midnight, picking up another Tara participant on the way. We weren’t able to sleep the whole night as we were so excited and full of anticipation.  
Stonehenge has been a sacred site for thousands of years and lies on important ley lines, ensuring that people have always gathered in this mysterious place. The drive took around two and a half hours, and we were pretty tired from not having slept. As we got closer to the site it was almost as if something changed, and you could feel a magical atmosphere in the air. It was foggy driving down the road adjacent to the site, so at first I couldn’t see anything. Then the fog revealed the stones rising from a shimmering blue light. It looked mysterious and wonderful, and I was very eager to walk among the stones, to feel the sacred energy. 

We queued for a while to get into the car park. There were easily seven thousand people there awaiting the rising of the sun on the longest day of the year. The walk from the car to the stones was around 20 minutes, and we joined the holy procession towards the stones, shapes and shadows getting lost and blending into the mist. We arrived a little late and we saw that our group was to the right past the security check point. I saw many of our colleagues but we didn’t have time to chat as Morgan and Bogdan were giving instructions on how we were going to form the spiral for the meditation. We had already downloaded the meditation track and had our phones charged and earphones at the ready.  

It was time to get into our zodiac lines, as we would be positioned in the spiral according to our zodiac signs – Aries man, Aries woman, Taurus man, Taurus woman etc. The first group went into the stone circle itself to start creating a space for our group to gradually expand into, forming a tight spiral. We were guided into the circle in groups to join the initial group, and to form the spiral. There were so many people there, singing, chanting, drumming, there were people sleeping around the main stones and of course ever that bright shining blue light from spotlights lighting up the stones.  

To get into the spiral we had to step over people and ask some to move. The space was tight, and the meditation was one and a half hours. At 4:30, our phones and headphones ready, we began the meditation. At first I did not feel anything, but after around 15 minutes a very warm and reassured feeling enveloped my body. The music and the atmosphere carried my body and mind towards bliss. There were another two groups meditating in Denmark and Italy along with us at Stonehenge, forming an equilateral triangle. I really felt this energy as if it was amplifying the effects of our technique, calling the sun and at the same time engaging in a beneficial transformation for the good of humanity. I called upon all the British and English ancestors to help us in this task, and as I am Romanian, I also called on our Dacian ancestors. 

When the sun rose, I could hear people chanting although my focus was mainly on meditating. For me was very quick, I do not honestly know where the time went. After the meditation I walked around the stones, touching them, trying to feel who built them and for what sacred purpose. In our situation it was clear, the stones were like a power plant, channeling the energy of the sun while at the same time being rooted in the ground and capturing the telluric energy. I felt inspired and did Bhujangasana while feeling the love and being at peace.  

I am not sure where the journey will take me in the future, but I am sure that that day we made history, and the Earth is on its way to getting rid of the malefic states and energies that have plagued it for thousands of years. 

by Cosmin

We hold this special spiral meditation in Stonehenge every solstice. To join us next time, keep an eye on our events listing or sign up to our newsletter to be notified when new events are announced! We look forward to seeing you there!