28 October 2021

Saturday night saw the second of our student community events hosted at Tara, following on from the Yoga and Picnic in the park during the summer. We had a great turnout of enthusiastic, inspired and open people looking to connect with others and reconnect with existing friends. This student community initiative aims to bring students – on the spiritual path – together in a more relaxed and social setting. They are moments to share experiences and enjoyment on the path of transformation. In times like these, students find the support of a spiritual community invaluable.

On the night we had everything from food to icebreakers to dancing. A grand buffet was put on with each student bringing a dish or something sweet to share. There was a lot of laughter, sharing, connection and love in the room. A great night was had by all and the next student community event is eagerly anticipated. Watch this space…..

Beautiful evening with lots of positive vibes…people enjoyed the reconnecting and year1 students have felt part of the community in no time. Very happy. Thank you for the preparation and support.


I had lot of help from other viras, it was great to feel brotherhood and unity.