15 January 2019

What is divine art and what is the meaning of the initiated art or divine artist?

Hello Beautiful Loves and welcome to this month’s inspirational page on Sacred Divine Art. Stated by different divinely inspired artists in more or less the same words, “the role of divine art is to reveal the beauties of the seen and unseen world”.

Divine art is always a conscious act and the divine artist is always aware of what he or she aims to transmit through their art and is also very familiar with the divine laws of the universe; especially the law of resonance. Therefore, one is very much aware of the quality of the impact that his or her work has on the audience, spectators or admirers. So, by definition, divine art is always a beneficial one and always has a positive, uplifting, cathartic, purifying or even healing effect on the audience.

George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff calls it ‘Objective Art’ because in genuine art nothing is accidental, everything is precisely intended in perfect awareness and accordance with the message that the work of art aims to transmits. Therefore it cannot generate a certain impression to one person and a completely different one to another. This is valid, of course, to the people that are on the same level of consciousness and understanding.

Initiated art is based on the universal principals (such as Harmony, Truth, Divine Good, Beauty) and becomes in this way an enigmatic channel and generator of these elevated energies, resonances and realities that provoke all the time positive effects in the ones contemplating it. It is never driven by the chaotic, uncontrolled, unconscious or even pathological and disharmonious tendencies of the ego. In the world today, where the mainstream focus is predominantly towards the material part of life and when the aspiration for genuine spiritual knowledge is extremely weak or almost absent, art has lost its own meaning along the way and the general view on it has become a distorted manifestation, an expression of the ego, the false part of our beings that keeps us away from experiencing our true divine nature; our nature that is always pure, unwavering, conscious, truthful, loving and in tune with the Universal Consciousness – the Absolute.

Being aware even just on an intuitive level of the Universal Law of Resonance and the Universal Law of Cause and Effect (Law of Karma – that makes it so that everything that we do is influencing not just us but also others. In other words, what we ripen is what we’ll sow and that everything we intend, think or act is affects in the same manner both the artist and the art’s receiver), we can easily understand the big responsibility implied in performing the artistic act and in the nature of its quality. The receiver of the art is by definition receptive to the message, energies and the message of the art work, so it is a simple and very common sense of deduction that everything we transmit through it will be directly influencing the audience. If we give them joy and happiness they will be filled and elevated by joy and happiness; if we bring fear, anger or despair, without offering a solution to get out of it, or if we don’t sublimate it, then we’ll throw our audience exactly in those terrible states, and this contradicts the very meaning of the existence of art, which is to elevate, to purify, to harmonise, to reveal the beauties of the world, to awaken the soul and offer solutions, key or exemplary states for rediscovering our way back home – to our God-given happiness, health and well-being.

Initiated artists always aim to perfect, improve, purify, transform and elevate themselves because they know that one can create divine art only in the measure that they can reflect, mirror, channel and transmit those sublime realities. In this way art becomes a very privileged spiritual and insightful path in which the tools of perfecting the quality of one’s art are the same tools of transformation of a yogi. For example, because his goal is to be tuned deeper and deeper, higher and higher to the superior realms and realities, both in his inner universe and in the macrocosm, he also knows that due to the Universal Law of Correspondence, all the macrocosm is reflected in his inner universe. Therefore, by knowing himself deeply and by experiencing the reality of the respective specific elevated energies or aspects in his own inner universe, he can become in this way a more and more aware and transparent channel, mirror all those wonderful realities and reflect them precisely in his art.

Therefore, alongside the spiritual maturity and inner elevation and deep transformation comes also the fidelity and transparency, the precision and the proper “skills” and success in creating genuine divine art. The wonderful magic of divinely inspired art is that it has the quality of transforming and elevating others, so, from this perspective, the creation act is, and should be, one of generosity, of altruism. When the artist forgets that he is in fact a mysterious and privileged instrument in God’s hand, and on the contrary he assumes a very egoistic and irresponsible state for the others’ attitude, he fails the chance of fulfilling his true meaning as artist and his art will reflect his attitude in a more or less obvious way.

The initiated artist always aims to maintain and amplify in his or her being the state of divine channelling and humbleness that allows her to be in a constant teaching process through what the divine, the Absolute is manifesting through her in the inspiration and creative process.

The moment we let go of the ego, we allow the inner spiritual evolution process to flow, taking off our masks and removing our shells, allowing us to be pure and sublime channels for the Divine realities.

So, sitting in a comfortable position with the spine straight, you can meditate on this piece of music that will allow you to resonate more deeply with the inspiration of the divine. Allow whatever you feel to manifest through you, and try to represent this feeling through your own practise of sacred and divine art.

Enjoy the music by Michel Pepe – Titled “Le Berceau de la Vie” meaning “The Cradle of Life”